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SH submission system finally working properly


I think I fixed the last of the major bugs yesterday.

The SH submission form automatically reopened itself at midnight Eastern US time last night. People submitted successfully for about 16 hours, until we reached our daily limit, at which point the form automatically closed itself for the rest of the day.

I'm fairly confident that it will automatically reopen tonight at the appointed hour, but will keep an eye on it just in case.

We ended up getting nearly 80 submissions in the first "week" of being open (which is to say, Friday and Saturday). I suspect that without the submission cap, it would've been at least a hundred, but that's just a guess.

Btw, I meant to say earlier that I welcome comments about the changes to the system. Have you found the submission limit frustrating? Have you been prevented from submitting more than once? What do you think of the new ID system that lets you track your story's status? Are there small changes we could make that would improve any of this?

This stuff is all new and fairly experimental; I imagine we'll refine and improve it over time. So if you have suggestions for improvements, let us know—though we don't promise to implement suggested changes.


I happened to be awake in the early morning on the 1st so I can't really comment on the submission cap as I didn't run into it... but as someone prone to paranoia where submissions are concerned, I love the status URL.

Hel: Thanks for the comment, and glad you like the status page!

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