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Crusie fanfic


Y'all may recall that a few months ago, I linked to a very funny piece of Star Trek litcrit fanfic. (NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT SAFE FOR WORK.)

Yesterday, there was a request on Twitter for Leverage fanfic, so I pointed to the same author's co-written Leverage fic series. (Varying degrees of explicitness.)

Now it turns out that the same author has written a lovely Jennifer Crusie pastiche, "Making It." (No more explicit than a Crusie novel, so probably Not Quite Safe For Work.) (Also: May load fairly slowly; perseverance furthers.) Those of you who've read Faking It may remember Nadine, the protagonist's niece? (I had to go back and reacquaint myself with bits of that book—it's been years—and now I want to re-read the whole thing.) This fic is about Nadine and her best-friend-but-not-boyfriend Ethan. And it's dead-on stylistically, and laugh-out-loud funny in places, and sweet and romantic. And now that I've built it up your expectations will be too high, but still, if you remember Faking It then go read this story, and if you don't, then go re-read Faking It (you can read a surprising amount of it by following that Google Books link above) and then read this story.

(On a side note, I had no idea until today that there was such a thing as Eddie Izzard standup-routine fanfic (that's by a different author; also, it loads extremely slowly). To my non-aficionado ear, this reads very much like Izzard; I can easily picture him performing it. Turns out there are more kinds of things being written in the fic world than I had imagined.)


the Crusie and Izzard are part of Yuletide, the annual fic exchange whose unofficial motto is "there's fanfic for *everything*." To be eligible, it has to be a "rare fandom" (or in many cases, a nonexistent fandom until someone requests it, and someone else offers to write it.)

For the first time this year, the Archive of Our Own hosted Yuletide; they're still working out all the bugs and loading has been rather slow, especially during peak hours (North American evening.) Should be sorted out sooner than later.

I was going to mention Yuletide as the source for a broader range of fic than you ever imagined possible, but I see I was beaten to it. :) I am continually amazed by the scope that fanworks can encompass. I participate in a (mostly) annual exchange in my primary fandom, and one of the other participants always writes or arranges a piece of music as her contribution. Pretty amazing stuff. I definitely recommend browsing Yuletide on AO3 -- there are all kinds of gems in there, along with the usual suspects.

Very often fanfic serves as commentary, and not only on the source material. I have seen many commentfic stories inspired by a discussion of fannish meta. One of my favorites was a (now sadly off the Internet) set of stories based on the ads for the Fanlib fanfic archive, which were a send-up on both the ads themselves and various slash tropes.

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