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Gay and Orthodox (Jewish)

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A couple of weeks ago, Yeshiva University held a panel discussion on "Being Gay in the Orthodox World."

Shmuel has put together an excellent page of links and resources related to the panel, including transcripts, videos, responses, and rebuttals to the responses.

I was hesitant to link to the transcripts and such when Shmuel first pointed to them, because there had been a request that the event not be recorded. But I gather that three of the four panelists have now indicated that they're okay with the material being publicized.

The third panelist is an especially compelling and entertaining speaker. He's speaking to a Yeshiva audience, so he uses some terms that are unfamiliar to me, but the meaning comes through clearly in most cases, and he presents his case really well.

Shmuel also links to an audio recording of a fairly anti-gay response from a rabbi, and provides both a literal transcript and a translated-from-Yeshivish transcript of the rabbi's remarks—along with an excellent rebuttal, by the aforementioned third panelist, to the rabbi's remarks.

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