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Parenthood (pilot)

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I stopped by Hulu to watch the latest White Collar episode, and there on the front page was Lauren Graham! (Who played Lorelai on Gilmore Girls.)

Turns out she's playing one of the main characters in a new series called Parenthood (which is the second TV series to be based on the 1989 movie).

So I watched the pilot episode.

Overall impression: Nearly every scene with Lauren Graham is lovely. The rest of the episode is okay.

(As I remarked to Kam: I spent over a hundred hours last year watching Gilmore Girls, over the course of eight months. Spend an hour every couple of days with someone for that long, and you start to miss them when they go away, even if they're a fictional character. Really nice to see her again; she's definitely playing a different character, but I think there's a fair bit of Lorelai in this new part.)

At first I thought that the most prominent male character (of the quite large cast of characters, most of whom are related to each other one way or another) was played by Garret Dillahunt, who played Cromartie in Sarah Connor Chronicles. But I was wrong; instead, he's played by Peter Krause, who played Nate in Six Feet Under. I still maintain that they look kinda vaguely similar, if you aren't paying much attention and don't have a great memory for faces.

A few other assorted notes:

A little weird that the show is theoretically set in Berkeley; it doesn't look like any part of Berkeley I've seen. But most of my time in Berkeley has been either on Telegraph or on (or near) University, so it could well be truer to the city than it looks to me.

I wasn't totally thrilled with their handling of a certain neurological issue (trying to avoid spoilers here), but I may not be giving them enough credit there either.

One of the executive producers for the series is Jason Katims, who's also an executive producer of, and showrunner for, Friday Night Lights (which I still haven't seen, though I keep hearing good things about it).

Anyway. I probably won't keep watching, but I might stick around for another episode or two. And it's really nice to see Lauren Graham again.

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