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Some good stuff this week

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There have been good things this week.

For example, there was hot-tubbing.

And today I got to see a fun talk: Raya Yarbrough, the singer for the haunting main-title theme of BSG, interviewed Bear McCreary, the composer of most of the BSG music. The focus was on McCreary, but both of them were interesting and entertaining. And they performed some music; in particular, they performed that main theme, and wow, Yarbrough sounds even better in person than on the show.

(Side note: I had no idea until now that the lyrics to that main theme are the Gayatri mantra. I'm guessing there must have been discussion of cultural appropriation at the time, but I don't recall seeing such discussion. And I don't have the energy to try to discuss it right now, but I felt like it would be bad form to avoid mentioning it now that I know about it.)

(Other side note: I also had no idea that the song "Lords of Kobol" was in Sinhalese. Follow above link for more info.)

Sadly, didn't remember until too late that McCreary also wrote music for Sarah Connor Chronicles; I would've asked him about it, but I had to run off to a meeting.

This evening, I was delighted by a writeup of Star Wars as an Icelandic saga. Very nicely done. (I suspect it's even better if you know more about Icelandic sagas than I do, which wouldn't be hard.)

Earlier in the week, I labeled a bunch of photos, and wrote a bunch of stuff for the blog about my father. (I'll post a link to that blog sometime soon, along with more info.) These were among the activities that led me to neglect all sorts of other important tasks that I should've been doing, many of them time-sensitive, but it was good anyway. Among other things, setting out to write those blog entries led indirectly to my reading through a bunch of email from college (both stuff Peter sent me and other stuff), which was mostly good, though also sometimes sad.

(And I found some email that I wrote that I was appalled by; one exchange in particular in which I was being self-righteous about having done some stuff with a local forum system that I now consider outright wrong, but that at the time I apparently felt was completely justified. And I had no memory at all of that episode until I found those emails. Made me want to write apologies to the computer center staff.)

(Oh, and related to all that: I tried to find software that would read MacWrite files, version 5 or earlier (before MacWrite II and MacWrite Pro). I have a couple of leads, but nothing so far has quite panned out. I really should have translated all these files to RTF or plain text years ago, before I stopped using a Mac that could run the old translation software. I'm looking into Sheepshaver, old-Mac emulation software, but it looks like it may take a fair bit of work to get it up and running.)

Got in a couple of sessions of DDR this week; still not as often as I ought, but an improvement over only playing every couple of weeks.

Another thing that pleased me tonight: Flame, a lovely fluid web-based swirly painting program written in the nifty Processing graphics language. (Requires Java.)

Also, a friend sent me a poem that made me laugh, and another friend sent me part of an erotica story. So, y'know, I really have no room to complain.

Side note: Earlier, I was thinking about whether to watch a movie tonight to cheer myself up, so I looked at what I have out from Netflix:

  • Hancock (which I gather is pretty dark for an action-comedy)
  • Reds (which may not be all that dark, but does involve a revolution, and is very long)
  • Blade Runner: The Final Cut
  • No Country for Old Men

Yep, I sure do know how to pick those light-hearted fun charming movies.

So instead I think I'll go read some submissions. Tomorrow, it is to be hoped, is another day.

Oh! Nope, can't go read submissions yet; haven't yet sent in Hugo nominations. Which are due in just under 24 hours, and I haven't even started to think about what to nominate. So I guess I'd better work on that.

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