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My travel year, 2010 edition

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Tentative travel plans of various sorts are shaping up. This entry is more notes to myself than notification of actual travel.

Unusually for me, I don't have any specific plans to leave town until late May, when I'll be going to WisCon. Afterward, a few days in Chicago, then off to Swarthmore for my college reunion the first weekend of June.

After that, things get hazy. I'll be in the Northeast the first week of August; at some point after that, I'd like to spend a couple weeks in Boston; I have a wedding to attend in New York near the end of August; and I'm tentatively planning to go to WorldCon in Melbourne the first weekend of September.

I was thinking of taking some time off work this summer, just to recharge; possibly as much as a couple of months. (After I sell the condo, which can't happen 'til June.) So I might just spend August out East, even though it's not really the ideal time of year to be there (but maybe there'll still be fireflies? I'm not sure).

I was thinking I could head from there directly to Australia, and then home, but now that I think of it, I guess Australia is closer to CA than to NY, so I guess it would make sense to stop at home before continuing on.

Also would like to visit friends and family in the Seattle area and the LA area at some point. Well, and the East Bay Area, but that doesn't really count as leaving home. (But maybe it should; I might be more likely to make it over thataway if I treated it as Travel.)

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