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Not much blogging lately

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Last week there was taxes and trying to get caught up on magazine stuff; then Stephanie has been visiting for most of the past week; Sunday I hosted a writing day (made decent progress on my story/novel/whatever, but not as much progress as usual); and then on Monday I got sick.

Some kind of stomach flu or food poisoning sort of thing. Symptoms basically the same as the norovirus from WisCon a couple years ago, though milder. (And I had a relatively mild case of it at WisCon.) Don't know what caused it; nobody else got sick. Which leads me to suspect it might've been the crab sandwich I had at the Santa Cruz boardwalk on Saturday (about 30 hours before I started feeling a little off), but I have no evidence of that.

Ended up spending most of Monday lying in bed, dazed and half-dozing. Tuesday felt better but decided to work at home to spare my co-workers from whatever it was I'd had.

This morning, after too little sleep, drove S to the airport; got home, realized I was feeling sick again. Attended a work meeting by videoconference, then spent most of the rest of the day sleeping.

This evening, stomach still a bit iffy. Trying again to catch up on magazine stuff, but am not much less behind than I was a week ago.

Haven't eaten much lately. Since dinner Sunday, I've had a few slices of toast, several crackers with peanut butter, a little fruit, and one actual meal (at a Japanese place in downtown Palo Alto last night). Haven't been hungry, and have been queasy enough to not want to eat anyway.

Am even further behind on responding to email than usual. Apologies if I owe you a response about anything.

Anyway, don't mean to make it sound like I'm deathly ill or anything; as sickness goes, this one's been fairly mild and fairly brief. But it's left me without a lot of energy for much of anything.

Including blogging. I imagination I'll be back to posting more often in a few days, though.

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Though mild, this sounds like No Fun. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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