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Attended Gerry & Lara's wedding today.

A fair bit of running around beforehand: picked up Kam & Naomi in Sunnyvale, had falafel there, at Falafel Bite; then there was getting to various people's homes to get dressed (it was too warm for me to wear my full suit, but I did wear the excellent shirt with the French cuffs, plus the matching tie and cufflinks and earring, that Mary Anne gave me a while back), and stopping at the store to pick up food; then some wandering around to find the site (in a park next to a library that I used to go to as a kid). But in the end we got there.

Hung out and chatted with various friends, including a couple of them who I hadn't seen in years. Was amused by Gerry's full-tilt arrival in Buster Keaton outfit, especially the excellent hat. (Lara's dress was also particularly nice.)

The ceremony itself was lovely and brief, just the right mix of heartfelt and funny; the couple were resplendent in their finery; much happiness all around. Later, there was food and more conversation. I dropped K & N off back in Sunnyvale (K's car had been in for repairs) and then stopped back by the park in time to watch Stacy hooping, and various people blowing bubbles. Said my goodbyes, congratulated the bride and groom again, and then came home.

A very nice wedding, on a lovely May afternoon. Congratulations again!

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