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How to interact with people with disabilities

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Haddayr Copley-Woods has an awesome and entertaining piece on Minnesota Public Radio about how to interact with people with disabilities.

(That page provides both audio and a transcript.)

My favorite bits:

DON'T 'Help' without asking. If someone in a wheelchair has rolled up to a door, they probably have some sort of a plan.


DON'T Ask strangers intrusive personal questions such as "what's wrong with you." Sure, you are curious. I myself find some fashion choices curious, but I have learned to live with mystery.

1 Comment

The whole "don't help without asking" put me in awkward position because of deeply ingrained habits: I open the door for everybody! I didn't realize that I was being glared out for being...well...mannerly. It's hard to tell someone, "No! I'm not doing is specifically for YOU! I'm just kind of freakishly out-going, and had way too many grandmothers who were all sticklers about courtesy."

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