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My WisCon schedule

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I'll be arriving at WisCon the evening of Thursday the 27th, around 8 p.m. Madison time if the flight's not delayed. (Going via Denver rather than Chicago, so there's a chance I'll get there approximately on time.) Sadly, that means I'll miss the Thursday night GoH readings.

I'll have a room in the Concourse. Mary Anne will have a room up in the Governor's Club, but my room will be down with the hoi polloi (I know, I know, that phrase is arguably technically redundant, but I think leaving out the "the" would just be confusing), thus making my room accessible (as needed) for things like staging tea-party materials, and changing into fancy clothes on Sunday, and late-night small-group hanging out.

I'm on no panels at all; I never got around to finishing filling out the programming form, alas. But that's okay; I imagine there'll be plenty to keep me busy.

As usual, I expect to attend part of the Tiptree auction. As usual, I'll be at the Strange Horizons tea party on Sunday afternoon. (It's our tenth anniversary!) As usual, I'll be at the dessert salon and the Guest of Honor speeches on Sunday evening.

As usual, I will attempt to eat at Vientiane Palace at least once during the weekend. As usual, I will attempt to avoid eating (anywhere) in any group consisting of more than eight or so people. As usual, I will attempt to maintain flexibility and be open to spontaneity rather than trying to stick to a firm schedule.

As usual, I expect that text-messaging will be the best way to reach me during the weekend, though I also expect that cell phone coverage will be spotty and occasionally delayed in some parts of the hotel.

Will be heading to Chicago with M on Monday afternoon after the Sign Out.

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