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Weekend update


Things I bought today included shoelaces, a belt, pizza, groceries, a suitcase, and a suit.

I was thinking a couple of weeks ago about the spate of weddings I'm attending this year, and had to finally admit to myself that my suit pants no longer fit me. I was in denial about this for a long time, because (a) I don't like admitting that my belly is growing larger, and (b) I really like that suit.

But I had the pants let out a while back, and was told at the time that they couldn't be let out any further. And now they no longer close.

So I asked my brother for advice, because he used to sell suits when he was in business school. And he gave me a lot of useful info, and I supplemented that with some web research and some suggestions from Mary Anne. And I went to Nordstrom today and bought a suit.

Not without trepidation. It was much pricier than I'd expected. And I really very rarely wear a suit, even though I like doing so; pretty much only at weddings, and lately most of my friends who've gotten married have recommended festive and/or casual clothing. And I'm sad that double-breasted suits aren't really in fashion these days; they look elegant to me. I like how I look in mine, and have received a bunch of compliments on it.

But I decided it was time to join the modern era. So I got a nice single-breasted very-dark-navy-blue suit that I'm told is the sort of timeless design that's unlikely to go out of style.

And I'm told it's versatile; the jacket can double as a blazer, for example. And I suspect, unfortunately, that as I get older there'll be more funerals to go to; the suit is dark enough to work for that, without being the solid black of my old one, which some have suggested was perhaps little too grim for festive occasions.

The other semi-big-ticket purchase of the day was a suitcase. I've been using a hand-me-down that Mary Anne gave me almost exactly five years ago; it's a nice suitcase, and usually does everything I want, but the handle has gotten increasingly hard to open, which makes it a little frustrating to use at times. I rather like my Tumi backpack/laptop-bag, so was considering a Tumi suitcase, but they cost a fair bit. Recently, someone (Jessica T, I think?) showed me a Victorinox suitcase, and I was pleased to see that the company had redesigned it since last time I saw it; the weird bulgy front is gone. And although its base price is not that much lower than Tumi's, it's been on sale for a while; I ended up paying $300, which is 40% off, and is half the price of the same-sized Tumi suitcase.

And the new suitcase (a 22" Werks Traveler 3.0) is blue, which (a) cheers me up, and (b) will make it easier to distinguish on a luggage carousel from the vast seas of black luggage. And I took my juggling clubs to the store to verify, before purchase, that I can fit six slim clubs into the case in one layer, leaving plenty of room for clothes and such. All very pleasing.

Other things I've done this weekend:

  • Attended a birthday party.
  • Read submissions.
  • Spent way too much time poking around on the Internet. Did I really need to read the Wikipedia articles for three of the four Dirty Harry movies, plus the ones for the Zodiac killer and Son of Sam? (Answer: No, I did not.)
  • Watched the two latest Dr. Who episodes. (Didn't think much of "Victory of the Daleks," but very much enjoyed the latest one, "The Time of the Angels," despite not realizing it was half of a two-parter. What a difference a writer makes! Moffat is really good.)
  • Watched the 2005 version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (more on that later).
  • Did laundry and dishes.
  • Completely failed to do most of the very important and increasingly time-sensitive things on my to-do list. Sigh.


Can we see a picture of you in your new suit? I bet you still look elegant...

:) Thanks!

I neglected to take a photo while trying it on, and it's currently being cuffed and such; it'll be done on Wednesday, and then I'll go back in and pick it up. Perhaps if I manage to get a haircut before then, I'll take a photo. If not, then next time I wear it.

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