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Kam took me to SFO this morning; I got a sandwich to take with me for lunch at Klein's Deli at the airport (still tasty, still worth the trek down to a remote part of the terminal), and got to my gate five minutes after boarding had started, 25 minutes before departure. They were saying last call for boarding; I was one of the last people to go through the gate. But then there was another 20 minutes of getting people settled in their seats.

Read and napped on the flight. Arrived in Denver; immediately ran into Simran and Derek, waiting for the same flight. Chatted with them for an hour ’til our flight boarded.

On the flight, the hair of the person sitting right in front of me looked awfully familiar, but I didn't want to tap someone on the shoulder if they were going to turn out to be a stranger, and anyway conversing between rows is awkward. But at the end of the flight, sure enough it turned out to be Karen H, and Robyn was also on the same flight.

The five of us caught a shuttle to the Concourse and checked in, and immediately ran into Sumana. I dropped my stuff in my room, got my badge, and found Mary Anne and Ben and Alex and Ian having a high-energy discussion about economics at Himal Chuli. Had a fairly tasty cho mari (parata stuffed with potatoes and such) with very tasty roti.

Later, I chatted with M for a bit, but it was past her bedtime, so I headed back to my room. Contemplated stopping back down in the lobby and/or trying to find people elsewhere, but it had been seeming like a lot of people were going to sleep, and I suddenly started feeling antisocial. So I retreated to my room, where I've spent the past four hours or so catching up on some email (though I know I still owe various of y'all various responses; sorry) and doing magazine stuff. Probably a good idea for me to start the con with some downtime.

Checked Twitter just now and had a brief desire to go down and see if anyone's still awake in the lobby, but am way too sleepy. I seem to have fully shifted to this time zone surprisingly quickly; I started getting sleepy around the same local time as I tend to at home, but it's two hours earlier back home.

So off to sleep for me. Will likely be more social tomorrow.

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