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Arrived in Chicago


Mary Anne and I drove, with Alex and Lisa, from WisCon to Chicago after the Sign Out this afternoon; we dropped off Alex and Lisa at O'Hare and then proceeded to M's place. Spent the early evening playing with M&K's two kids (and their one dog) (that's now an in-joke that I will explain in a later entry) and eating Indian food.

Just before I left M&K's place, we were all sitting with Kavi watching Team Umizoomi, a math show for kids in which the cartoon boy has the superpower of being able to use his utility belt to make a huge variety of useful things out of simple geometrical shapes, while the cartoon girl has the superpower of being able to change the colors and patterns of things with her dress. We were not impressed. But the reason I mention the show is to quote the following exchange (all quotes approximate):

Character in show [talking about ice cream dispensers]: All of these machines are full of yummy ice cream.

Me: People ought to say that more often, about all kinds of machines.

Kevin: Yeah, that's gonna be the plot of Terminator 5.

Anyway, after the show, I wandered to the hotel where I'm staying for the next few days; I'll proceed to Swarthmore on Thursday.

(Unrelated side note: Two friends in Swarthmore told me today that they've spotted fireflies in the area! I am excited at the prospect of seeing fireflies this coming weekend, and pleased that my friends would remember my fondness for fireflies and think to tell me about them. Yay for fireflies!)

Spent part of the rest of the evening working on a WisCon writeup. But I don't really have any idea what to say about (or how to talk about) various key parts of the weekend, so it may be a while before I post a con report.

In the meantime, I'll just note that Mary Anne's Guest of Honor speech was fabulous. I imagine that there was a dry eye in the room somewhere (maybe even more than one), but I didn't hear about it if so; most of the people I heard complimenting her said that everyone at their respective tables was at least misting up by the end. In a good way.

I guess my high-level summary of my weekend overall would be that it was a mix of lovely and lonely, social and stressful, entertaining and enervating, delightful and disappointing, happy and hazy, sexy and sad, wonderful and wistful. The good parts outweighed the negative parts by a fair tad bit, but lack of sleep, lack of food, and cumulative tension brought about a bit of a mini-meltdown this morning. (Okay, possibly only a micro-meltdown.)

But I'm making it sound like the weekend was awful. It wasn't, not at all; overall, it was really nice. And lovely to see everyone.

Will try and write more sometime in next couple days. For now, totally exhausted; pretty much running on empty. Hoping to go to the zoo tomorrow morning with M and kids, so I'm going to go to bed now, quite a bit earlier than usual for me.

Miss you all already.


It sounds like WisCon is situation normal for you :)

To hugely oversimplify, I'm glad you had a good WisCon!

In memory of your numerical switchup, in my talk tomorrow I shall endeavor to only refer to the amounts zero, one, and infinity. The off-by-infinity error would be fairly entertaining!

CJ: Not really.

Sumana: :) on off-by-infinity error—nice. Hope your talk goes well!

I saw fireflies at Bryn Mawr on Saturday! Not many, but enough to make me happy. I hope you get to see them, too.

Logic dictates that either Kavi or Anand has the power to turn into a dog.

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