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Dramatic much, Jed?


Got some sleep—still not enough, but over six hours, which is more than I've had since Friday—and am feeling a little better.

Sorry for last night's entry; it was rather an exaggeration of the negative parts of WisCon. They existed, but the con was closer to a 90% positive experience for me than to the 50% or so that that entry may've made it sound like.

Plan for this morning:

  1. Quick email check.
  2. Shave/shower/dress.
  3. If time, respond to some queries about overdue responses to stories. (May not get to this until later, sorry.)
  4. Get food.
  5. Return rental car.
  6. Go to zoo.

Later in the day, will try to respond to important emails that've been piling up but that I don't have time/energy to even think about this morning.


I didn't think yesterday's post was that negative or dramatic. WisCon sounds like an intense experience! There is so much to absorb and so many people to enjoy that it sounds very, very stressful on the system. It might be fun stress, but it is still a great deal to take in a single weekend. Another friend went to WisCon for the first time this year, and she came back with a cold.

Not that there's any reason you should remember me, but I just wanted to say that it was very nice to meet you at WisCon, in a dark corner of the Small Beer party, at 3 am on Sunday "night".

Hah, on re-read that sounds rather naughtier than it actually was. :)

CJ: Thanks for the comment. Agreed that WisCon can be pretty intense.

Laurel: Was glad to meet you, too. Sorry not to chat more that night; I was a little distracted, and I think everyone there was a little tired.

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