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Cute NCIS exchange


I'd been told that NCIS was mildly entertaining, and every so often I figure I ought to take a look at an episode of some wildly popular TV series or other just to keep my finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist; so in a desperate attempt to avoid all the stuff I should've been doing this evening, I watched the episode that happened to be on: “Deception.”

The show is approximately as goofy as I'd been told, and I won't keep watching, but it had two or three fun moments. My favorite throwaway cute bit was this exchange between gothy forensic specialist Abby Sciuto and gruff-with-a-heart-of-gold boss-man Leroy Gibbs:

Abby Sciuto: Thank you, Sir.

Leroy Gibbs: Don't call me “sir.”

Abby Sciuto [not missing a beat]: Thank you, Ma'am.

[Sciuto leaves; camera lingers on Gibbs, who smiles, amused.]


Abby is the reason I watch the show. :)

Yup NCIS is a good fallback on TV--always an entertaining show. The only problem is the re-runs don't age well.

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