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Days keep going by

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It looks like last I wrote anything about what's been up with me was a week and a half ago.

Since then, it's mostly been more or less more of the same sorts of things:

Am still making progress on project at work, though also encountering obstacles. (I think I need to learn how to use a WebIDL parsing library. And possibly learn Python. In the next few days.)

Many things and stuffs going on re condo. This past week, got most of it painted (except for kitchen and bathrooms, which are remaining unpainted due to communication mixups), and got most of carpet replaced (left green carpet in bedrooms). Also took most of the remaining furniture and other assorted stuff home, and did some general cleanup kinds of things. This coming week, some last bits of fixing (replacing ceiling fan, do termite treatment), then staging, then cleaning, then it goes on the market. Exciting! But a lot of moving parts to keep track of between now and then. And decisions to be made, and forms to fill out, and photos to take, etc.

At some point, probably last Saturday, I spent too long putting together a playlist of secular-friendly quasi-religious or spiritual songs, mostly about the awesomeness of the world (idea sparked by listening to “Holy Now”). But then realized the list had gotten to be a couple hours long, and no longer had a single coherent theme, and thus needed to be trimmed down before posting. So I put that on hold; may get back to it eventually.

Last Sunday, I visited Beth & Catie & Sam & Sarah for a bit, then continued up to Rodeo, where Ananda & Sam (different Sam) are temporarily. Great to see everyone.

Oh, and then I watched the first two episodes of Leverage season 3! On the web, via Comcast's online-viewing system for Comcast customers, because I couldn't wait to see if the episodes would show up on TNT's website or Netflix or Hulu or iTunes or wherever else.

Later in the week, helped Liz B put together a PowerPoint presentation; then spent an evening chatting with Laura S; then Sumana visited and I had dinner with her and a couple of her friends. And I worked at home on Thursday (as is my wont) and Sumana hung out at my place and worked too. As usual, all the individual pieces of socializing with all those various people were enjoyable, but the aggregate left me in need of social downtime by Thursday evening, so I declined Sumana and Joe W's offer to join them for dinner even though I haven't seen Joe in ages.

This evening, briefly considered attending trans pride march in SF, but realized there was no way I could cope with that scale of socializing, so stayed home and had dinner with Kam instead.

Tomorrow: condo stuff, magazine stuff.

Sunday: May make myself have a writing day even though I neglected to invite people. Will probably skip Pride, even though it's the 40th anniversary of San Francisco Pride. Just not up for large crowds. Also, when I do go I always end up shyly admiring all the hot guys from afar without managing to actually talk to anyone I don't know, which can be fun but is also frustrating, which is not what I need right now.

In tech news, my iPhone 4 arrived by FedEx on Wednesday, and I've spent several hours since then playing with it and trying stuff out and learning about new features and such. Will try and post about that soon. For now, will just note that text on the high-res screen is gorgeous, and iBooks (which is free and also works on older iPhones that upgrade to iOS 4) is awesome: am reading Jane Eyre there, and bought the third Secret Country book (which is out of print and hard to find in paper form) and started reading that. Have also set things up so I can read subs on my iPhone, which I've always avoided in the past. Hoping to spend more time reading and less time playing computer games than has been true in recent months.

Have not yet tried Facetime (videophone) because not sure who else has iPhone 4.

Okay, enough tech for now.

Pretty sure there were other things I wanted to post about, but not sure what. Sleepy.

Have unfortunately continued intermittent pattern of going to sleep late, getting only 5ish hours of sleep, being groggy the next day, sometimes falling asleep midafternoon. Which means that tonight I'm once again falling asleep at the keyboard. (I stopped reading subs because I couldn't focus on them.)

The other night, in email to friends, I signed off with this:

—jed, with eyelids drifting closed (hoping that will not become my “Darmok at Tanagra” epithet)

(Aside: It turns out that a writer named Joe Menosky co-wrote two of my favorite ST:TNG episodes: “First Contact” and “Darmok.” This makes me want to track down the rest of his episodes to see if I like them as much—there's a lot of TNG that I never saw.)

But I was so amused with my own wit that I quoted that line to other friends later, and now am posting it publicly, so it's becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or anti-prophecy. Or something.

LOOK, I AM TOO SLEEPY TO FIGURE OUT WHETHER IT'S A PROPHECY OR NOT. EITHER WAY IT IS SELF-FULFILLING. Do not bother Jed's brain with such things! It is a poor sleepy brain! That needs sleep!

Also punchy, apparently.

And on that note, me for bed.

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