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Ten years since our first submission


Strange Horizons received its first fiction submission on 27 June 2000, ten years ago today. It was from a friend of mine. The next one didn't arrive until 29 June; then we had an amazing high-volume day on 30 June, with five submissions! (Nowadays we get about 15 or 16 a day on a normal day.)

The first submissions we received that we ended up buying didn't arrive until 1 July: a couple of pieces by Bruce Holland Rogers.

Also of note in those early days of submissions: A story from one Timothy Pratt, of North Carolina, addressed to "Ms. Mohanraj" (which I mention only because it suggests that he didn't know Mary Anne at that point).


Hee. "Ms. Mohanraj." We Southern boys are polite.... I don't think I did know Mary Anne at that point, though I'd heard of her -- through having met Karen at Clarion the year before, probably.

I've always felt my career has grown along with the growth of Strange Horizons. We are of an age, career-wise...

Ha! I never knew it all kicked off on my 20th birthday...

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