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Acronym overloading


I'm filling out the disclosures form for my condo, in which I have to mention anything and everything that a buyer might want to know, especially anything that negatively affects property values or desirability of living there.

Just got to this question:

Are you aware of the presence on the Property of any UST?

To which I thought:

Well, yes, I suppose there has in fact been some Unresolved Sexual Tension in that condo—

But then I noticed that the preceding line explains that UST stands for Underground Storage Tank.

So, um, never mind.


Good thing it wasn't a Large Underground Storage Tank.

Or a Leaking Underground Storage Tank, an actual term used by environmental engineers.

If we cautioned potential buyers about the angst that had occurred on candidate pieces of real estate, we'd have fewer mumblecore horror movies. If that genre exists.

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