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Review: G-Force

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Saw a preview for G-Force a while back, and it looked like it might be fun.

Later, someone (perhaps Twig?) told me it was no good. But I wanted to watch something fluffy this afternoon, and everything I have out from Netflix is dark to the point of grimness, and this movie was available for streaming from Netflix, so I started watching it.

By 15 minutes in, it was clearly no good. I skimmed through the rest of it, watching a few seconds or a minute here and there, and then watched the last 10 or 15 minutes.

There were a few cute moments and cute lines in the bits I saw, but nothing special. Not worth watching. A fairly good cast (Nicolas Cage, Bill Nighy, Sam Rockwell, Penélope Cruz, Steve Buscemi, Traci Morgan) is wasted on this material.

Unusually for a Bruckheimer movie, there are not one but four female characters, two of whom are sympathetic. (Only one of them gets significant screen time, but at least she's a tough actiony type. Though a fair bit of time is devoted to discussion of which of the males she's interested in.) I was amused to see that it even gets a technical pass on the Bechdel/Wallace test; for example, Penny, the little girl, says to Juarez, the tough female guinea pig, “Don't you look pretty?” (and there are a couple of other similarly inconsequential and arguably not-about-men lines from one female character to another at other points in the movie).

Anyway, I think my reaction can be summed up by saying that, as usual in movies with three talking mice who speak in unison, the mice are the best part.

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