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Two fandoms separated by a common language


Yesterday, Carrie V made an excellent suggestion: ask if the con suite would be willing to host an SH tea party.

But I couldn't find the con suite. And it wasn't mentioned in the pocket program guide.

So I went and asked at the Information desk downstairs. And both people I asked said “Con suite? What's that?”

So I'm guessing there isn't one here. But I'm also wondering whether the idea of a con suite just isn't something that's done at Australian cons. Or maybe it was just the people I asked who happened to not know about them?

The rest of the con's culture seems pretty familiar, more or less what I'm used to, so this surprised me. (Though I had been going to cons for probably ten years before I found out about con suites.)

Are there other standard aspects of American cons that don't appear in cons elsewhere? Are there standard aspects of cons from other countries that don't show up at American cons? I'm guessing there are; curious as to what some of them might be.


I know that British cons don't do con suites. Basically, the hotel bar replaces it. If I'm recalling correctly, I think it's a corkage issue, but I could be mistaken. Could just be the general pub culture there.

Japanese conventions are a world apart. For starters, no photos inside (generally speaking, unless there's a specific area set aside for it). I even got in trouble at the Japanese spinoff of an American con. :/ People in costumes pose outside.

That said, it's hilarious when you "recognize" people. Not anyone you know--just a fannish template, as it turns out.

Yes, UK cons don't have con suites and I suppose Oz is closer to the British culture (well, duh). Two factors here:

a) British people are, sadly, uninterested in eating*. On the other hand, I've gone to a con suite after living in the UK for a bit and been astonished not! to! find! any! booze! Spot the difference with the US.

b) there is a strong social bonding element in the buying drinks at the bar because nobody ever buys just for themselves (unless they get there alone and don't recognize anybody). There is a "what can I get you guys?" element that means that ultimately everybody has offered and been offered a drink.

I also think that providing free food would be too costly for UK cons, which tend to be smallish.

* Well, said the Italian, clearly not as interested as is right and proper.

(Peering over Anna's shoulder)

We british fans *are* interested in eating - just not especially at conventions.

Oh, and what *is* a con suite? I've only been going to conventions for 22 years so maybe I am too new at this sort of thing

Thanks, all!

alexmc: For a description of con suites, follow the link in this entry, or Google [con suite].

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