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Into the wild blue yonder, again

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My plan was to spend four or five weeks sitting at home, doing nothing much.

Then Mary Anne's work schedule changed.

After this coming week, she's going to be much busier during the days for a couple of months. So if I want to visit her during my time off work, this coming week may be the best time for it.

I've undergone a great deal of waffling about this over the past few days; I've made several decisions and then changed them. There are other times I could visit, and I've only been back from my last pair of weeklong trips for a little over a week; I've been really feeling the need to spend some time quietly alone at home.

But in the end, for a variety of reasons including surprisingly cheap plane fare, I decided to fly out to Chicago tomorrow and stay for a week.

So I'll be getting on a plane again about ten hours from now. (Unless they've oversold the flight, in which case I might volunteer to get bumped to a later flight, to get a free ticket.)

I think it'll be fine. And I've more often regretted not taking an opportunity to see Mary Anne than regretted not taking an opportunity to sit quietly at home.

But it's possible that sometime in the middle of the week I'll suddenly need to come home and nest. We'll see.

Sadly, this means I'll be missing two events on Sunday: my neighborhood's annual party and the Tachyon anniversary party in San Francisco (featuring Peter Beagle, Jim Kelly, John Kessel, et alia). But at least I won't have to pick which of those to attend.

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