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Why Alec Baldwin can't marry a man


There's a group called Fight Back New York that's attempting to defeat NY state senators who voted against marriage equality in 2009 and who are up for reelection.

They've produced a couple of fun videos:

First, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (a gay actor who plays a gay character on the TV show Modern Family) declares his love for Alec Baldwin. Fun and funny video. (3 min)

Then Alec Baldwin explains why they can't get married. (2 min) TOTALLY AWESOME and very funny. Be sure to watch through to the very end.


At this point, I'm not sure if I could love Alec any more than I do (despite the fact that he divorced Kim Bassinger and that still bums me out).

This reminds me of another *very* funny thing that Alec B is doing these days - encouraging people to stop funding NPR during their fund drive. If you haven't heard it - go here: http://www.kplu.org/alec-baldwin

Hi Jedediah, I knew you, your brother and your parents in 1970-72. I just read your blog entry from 2 years ago and I'm sad that neither Marcy nor Peter is alive. I'm 61 and I live in Montana where I own a massage school. If you'd like to connect (I have a few lovely memories to share), please respond. Thanks.

I thought they were both brilliant, both as political rhetoric and as acting.

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