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Congratulations, Susan!

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The other day, I mentioned that Strange Horizons editor-in-chief Susan Marie Groppi is on this year's World Fantasy Award ballot, for her work on SH.

Today, they announced the award winners—and Susan won!

I'm very pleased.

Yay, Susan!

(And congratulations to the other winners as well, of course.)

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I don't think the picture of the three monkeys made it through. Sorry.

You know, of course, God is watching. I’ve pointed out the 1965 march in Selma, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act and that pesky 1st Amendment stuff, but to no avail. Okay, so the three monkeys might be a little over the top, but not allowing me access to the forum, well that’s just downright un-American! It can also cause sleep-deprivation. I do think the monkeys might be a good banner for the zine. This is how NAZI Socialism started, I think. Discrimination then, began with the ‘judes’ this new form of discrimination is against old people who remember fundamental grammar rules.

Speaking of monkeys, or more properly monkey paws, not the famous short story by W.W. Jacobs, but the actual monkey paw. Like us, monkeys have opposable thumbs, however their thumbs are much longer in relation to their other fingers and have greater dexterity. Boy, could those apes text fast, if we could only teach them! My daughter can text 106 characters per minute, but she doesn’t know what an ellipse is. I’ve lost all hope that she might someday become a writer like her dear-old dad.

I digress.

Technically speaking, I think I should be allowed on the forum. We should, none of us, be afraid of an idea. No matter how abhorrent we might find that idea. I cannot think of any comment I might make that would not be considered constructive, by any source, other than the editors at SH. To not allow my fellow commentators to hear my thoughts is a terrible misuse of power. I’m not exactly shouting fire in a crowded theater here. As a matter of fact, I think this very thread should be raised on the forum. Is it okay to take away free speech for the free-conscience of editors to do what they feel is best for the organization?

Can you remember when you were not a monster?

I digress.

My wife says I’m obsessing again. She’s called Dr. Rosenthal, and he’s increased my dosage of Depakote. I feel better. But there is a voice coming from the Skippy Peanut Butter jar in the cabinet. If I peel back the aluminum foil under the jar lid “Hey Jude” by the Beatles plays in stereophonic sound, and John Lennon appears, and says we should picket SH. But we don’t know where to go because like many ghost magazines you have no offices? So we do a doobie and consider this problem. John suggest that we carry virtual anti-free-speech signs to the SH forum. I explain that we’ve been banned—a proverbial Catch 22.

Joseph Heller was banned in Boston. I suppose he’ll be popping out of my Smuckers jelly.
More later.

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