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The Strange Horizons fund drive needs you!

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We've been having our annual fund drive at Strange Horizons, but I keep neglecting to post about it.

As you know, Bob and Bobina and little Bobolink, SH has been around for ten years now. During that time, we've published fiction every week (except for a vacation week at the end of each year), and other material almost every week. That's over five hundred weeks of material!

How have we managed to publish five hundred weeks of high-quality speculative fiction, poetry, and nonfiction? There are three parts to the answer:

We have a team of over thirty dedicated volunteers who read, select, and edit material in half a dozen departments. Nobody on staff gets paid.
Hundreds of people send in their stories, poems, and nonfiction every month for consideration, but we publish only a few pieces. We pay professional rates for fiction, and lower rates for poetry and nonfiction. Works we've published have won a variety of awards and accolades.
We operate on a model similar to that of public radio in the US: once a year, we ask for donations, which we use to pay our authors. Almost all of the money we bring in goes directly to the authors; the rest goes for things like web hosting, and publicity.

So if you donate to the fund drive, you get the satisfaction of supporting the longest-running professional sf magazine on the web. And if you pay taxes in the US, you also get to deduct your donation from your taxes; we're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

And if you donate, you become eligible for one of the fund drive prizes; we'll have a drawing at the end of the fund drive to give those away to donors.

So stop by the fund drive page and send us a donation! Any amount will help; we'd be as happy with a hundred $5 donations as with a single $500 donation.

(The Network for Good donation system requires a $10 minimum donation, but I don't think there's a minimum for PayPal.)

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