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Was your first pro fiction publication in 2009 or 2010?

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I just sent this to SH authors, but it occurred to me that it's worth posting publicly for any other authors who might be eligible:

If your first professional speculative fiction publication happened in 2009 or 2010, then you are eligible to be nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

If you're eligible, then you should tell the Campbell administrators about yourself.

A few notes:

  • The publication date is what counts, not the sale date. If you sold your qualifying story in 2010, but it (and any other eligible works) won't be appearing until 2011, then you're not eligible yet.
  • As I understand it from the eligibility FAQ, publications that pay 3¢/word or better may be eligible even if they're not SFWA-qualifying prozines. If you're not sure whether you're eligible, check with the administrators.
  • Your eligibility clock starts automatically—it's not something you can opt out of. So if you're eligible, it's in your best interest to tell the administrators about yourself.
  • There are generally a few dozen writers who are eligible. Only five or six get nominated, and only one wins. So I'm not trying to get your hopes up with this entry. On the other hand, if your name isn't on the official list of eligible authors, then your chances of being nominated are even lower. So it can't hurt to let the administrators know who you are.
  • SH is not in any way affiliated with the Campbell Award; I'm just posting this because I like the Campbell Award, and because some authors who are eligible may not know it, or may have forgotten to tell the Campbell administrators about themselves.

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