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New York marriages

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Yesterday was the first day when same-sex couples could get married in New York state. I'm really enjoying the articles and pictures.

I flew home to California yesterday in order to attend my high school reunion, and it was worth it, but part of me does regret not having stayed in NYC one more day to watch some of the weddings.

A few links:

  • Big photos from the International Business Times. I was going to say I especially liked the first two, of Phyllis Siegel (misspelled on that page as Sifel) (77) and Connie Kopelov (85), who've been together for 23 years, but really almost all the photos on that page are great.
  • A sweet piece on marriages in Brooklyn from the Village Voice blogs, with a couple of brief videos that are worth watching.
  • Eight nice photos from the Guardian.
  • Added 16 hours later: somehow I missed this slide show from the New York Times.

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