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2011 movies

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I watched 41 movies in 2011, including 8 that I had seen before.

(I rarely rewatch movies, but I've been buying favorites on Blu-Ray lately, so have taken the opportunity to see some of them again.)

The ones I rewatched were all among my favorites that I saw in 2011, but it seems silly to list those as favorites.

Of the ones I hadn't seen before, my favorites were:

See my review.
The King's Speech
Loved it, though (as I noted at the time) as usual with movies lately I would've liked to have seen more women with stronger roles.
White Palace
Funny and charming 1990 romantic(ish) comedy(ish) starring Susan Sarandon and James Spader. Has a bunch of really good stuff about class. I had somehow never heard of it, but I liked it quite a bit.

My least favorites were Married to the Mob (a complete waste of a talented cast) and Drive (probably my least favorite movie in years).

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