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Return of the once-a-week blogger

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Last week was more difficult than I'd expected. Stepping down from SH fiction editing is absolutely the right thing for me to do, but making the public announcement (and handing a bunch of specific tasks off to Brit) made it feel more real. I got pretty sad about it. (There's also been some difficult non-magazine personal stuff going on.)

Thanks to all who sent lovely comments and notes and thanks and praise, in all sorts of places. (Mostly on my farewell entry on the SH blog and on Facebook, but also on my blog and in email and on Twitter and various other places.) That was really nice to see, and gratifying. Much appreciated.

This week has been better, though still sad. Was recontacted out of the blue by two newish friends who I hadn't seen in the past few months, and have been watching a short-lived but excellent 2006 TV series called Day Break (more on which soon, I hope) (but instead of waiting for me to describe it, you could just watch it; all 13 eps are available via Netflix streaming, and it's really good). Also been watching Sherlock with Kam. And am still rewatching Gilmore Girls while entering fiction submissions into the database, and recently got to my very favorite part of the entire series, the first few episodes of season 5, during which I spent minutes at a time making incoherent squeeing noises out loud and then rewinding to watch certain scenes again. So all of that's been cheering me up.

California weather remains near-perfect (though today is overcast), I have a newly installed backyard lawn (and the whole backyard is usable), am making progress on day job things I've been back-burnering for months. So there's been a bunch of good stuff.

Have lots of magazine work left to do before I fully depart the department, but it's mostly stuff I like doing and/or stuff I should've done years ago, like making various parts of the database usable by people other than me.

My list of Projects that I'd like to start in my new copious free time continues to grow, of course. I'm once again in that phase where I notice that I'm about to have x amount of free time, and so I plan at least 3x worth of activities and Projects. Am trying to resist that urge; I want my biggest Project for the next couple of months to involve relaxing.

I have plenty of things I'd like to blog about; for example, saw six movies over the course of seven days a couple weeks ago, and my backlog of cool stuff to post to the wordblog grows ever-longer. But all that'll have to wait.

Next week, I'll be on vacation with college friends in upstate New York. I expect to have Internet access, but don't know how much I'll be online. But within a week or two after that, I expect the magazine transition to be mostly over, and maybe I'll get back to blogging more. We'll see.

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