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That kind of week


The kind of week where I started to write a blog entry last night about this week's technofailure, and after I'd written two paragraphs (without saving), my browser crashed, taking the two paragraphs with it.

The kind of week where on Tuesday night I thought it was Wednesday night so I gathered the trash from various rooms' trash cans and put it in the bin and rolled the bin out to the street for Thursday morning pickup, and then Wednesday evening I thought it was Thursday evening so I rolled the bin back into my backyard, which means it wasn't at the curb this morning when the trash pickup came through.

The kind of week where I've been mostly getting about six and a half hours of sleep a night (more than usual for me) but have been sleepy all day.

The kind of week where on Monday (or was it Tuesday? I forget), whenever I moved my legs wrong I got a jolt of severe lower-back pain, so I was being cautious and tentative with every step, especially when sitting down or standing up. No idea what caused it. Was trying to decide when to schedule doctor appointment, but the next morning the pain was gone without a trace.

All of which is to say that it's been a week filled with minor annoyances and problems (some of them self-inflicted) but nothing major.

And there've been good things too. Last night, for example, I was trying to figure out how to make it to Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, and the Apple Store in under 45 minutes (before they all closed), in order to get various equipment I needed to extract and back up my Time Capsule hard drive. (Time Capsule died suddenly late last week; it's under warranty, but I wanted to copy the year's worth of backups that are on it before getting the unit replaced.) But then Best Buy turned out to have everything I needed except for the hair dryer, which BBB had, so I didn't need to get to the Apple Store after all. Best Buy even had an Airport Express, so I now have WiFi at home again. Small victories.

(The disk-copy is now running. It's been going for nine and a half hours, and is about halfway through.)

Oh, and I also picked up a Square credit-card reader, which I've been meaning to do for over a year, so I can take credit-card payments on my iPhone, which might allow for more people to donate money to SH at tea parties. Dunno if anyone will want to, but can't hurt.

What else? Had a nice phone call the other night with someone I've been playing phone tag with for months. Have been enjoying old family photos that one of my uncles has been scanning and emailing. Am looking forward to seeing Mary Anne in a couple days. (Doing a long-weekend trip to Chicago.) Am finally over the cold that pretty much knocked me out last week and the week before. (When I was on vacation; I think I failed to post about that. At this point I probably won't get around to it, so suffice it to say it was a good vacation, marred only by being sick all week.)

And I finally got plane tix for WorldCon, and was relieved to find that I hadn't waited too long and they weren't yet exorbitantly expensive (at least not if I fly in a day early and stay a day late).

Tonight, Kam and I are going to see Les Miz in San Francisco—thanks, Naomi, for telling me it was in town!

And with luck, the disk copy will complete tonight and I can reassemble the Time Capsule and return it to the Apple Store and get a replacement and back up my laptop before I leave for Chicago. (I often feel like my technofailure stories should end with “. . . . and so the old woman got home that night.” I suppose the old woman was engaging in what's known in tech circles as yak shaving, but somehow when I'm immersed in that kind of recursive problem-solving, the old-woman-and-pig story comes to mind more easily than yaks.)

Anyway, I guess all that means I should get moving. Off to work go I.


On Thursday I left my wallet in the car at the airport parking lot, and didn't realize it until we went to check in. By the time I got to the garage and back, I'd missed the plane. So then I had to take an overbooked, late redeye to JFK instead, and THEN I missed my connection from there. And then the next flight was canceled. And then the one after that. I told my mom over the phone, "it's all right, it's my fault anyway, and plenty of worse things happen to better people." But when the THIRD plane out of JFK got canceled, after I'd waited 9 hours, I just started sobbing uncontrollably in the airport.

Worse things happen to better people, but sometimes it's just worth tearing loose with the self-pity and public sobbing.

But I'm glad there's been good things, too.

Ack! Very sorry to hear all that—it sounds awful!

I assume you eventually made it home?

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