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Long day, long week

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I set aside today to work on magazine coding. There's still some database work to be done before I'll be completely totally done with magazine work, and today was going to be the day that I finished that.

Unfortunately, I had a hard time focusing. I started maybe twelve hours ago, and I carefully avoided Facebook all day (after one ill-considered foray into political argument in the morning), but every twenty minutes or so I got restless. At various points, I played some computer games, played with my new iPad Mini, read bits of books (couldn't focus on that, either), loaded the dishwasher, had a phone call, and prowled restlessly around the house.

In the end, I think I probably put in something around six to eight hours of coding time, and I made a lot of progress. I got past one thing that had seemed like a big difficult problem, and then I got to another apparently big difficult problem, and got through that as well. I cleaned up the comments a lot, and I found and fixed a serious bug.

The code is now very close to usable, but it still needs work. Sigh. And I'm fading. I'm gonna try to get it into just-barely-usable shape before I go to sleep, but I won't be quite done.

But I think I'll have time to finish it in the next few evenings. We'll see.

In other news, last week was kinda rough at work, and this coming week may be more so. But on the other hand, I didn't have to cope with, say, a hurricane, or lack of power and water and food and shelter. I've been sorry to hear about the devastation out east, both in the Caribbean and on the Eastern Seaboard. I'm glad that most of my friends were in relatively lightly scathed areas, but I'm sad about all the harder-hit places and people.

Okay, the gap between words due to sleepiness is increasing, so I'd better sign off here.

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