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Hiding an item from the ruler

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Say you're a reasonably genre-savvy fictional character, and you're carrying an object—the Mysterious MacGuffin Of Mystery—that's important to your quest, and that's a little too big to conceal about your person. The Royal Guard has put you in a dungeon that has a dirt floor, or is full of shadows, or is otherwise suitable for concealing the MacGuffin. The Guard either didn't notice the MacGuffin in all the hubbub of imprisoning you, or didn't recognize its importance. You're not shackled to a wall or otherwise impeded in your movements within your cell.

Now you learn that the Guard is about to haul you out of the dungeon for an audience with The Mighty Ruler.

What do you do with the MacGuffin?

A. Hide it in the dungeon, figuring they'll send you back there after your audience (or that you can break back into the dungeon later to get it back).

B. Take it with you, hoping that the Ruler won't take it away from you, and hoping to escape the castle (or be sent away from it) instead of getting sent back to the dungeon.

C. Check the name of the writer of the work you're in (and/or look for other clues, like a genre label on the spine of your book, or an evil grin on the gamemaster's face), and choose a course of action based on what kind of story you're in.

D. Other—specify.

This isn't a trick question (I don't have a Right Answer in mind), and it's not for something I'm writing; I'm just interested in y'all's answers. Feel free to supplement your answer with examples.

(Maybe this should be one of the questions on the final qualifying exam for fantasy protagonists?)

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