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Fun art (dragons and more)


I've been meaning for years to link to my friend Kir's online art; I have a feeling some of y'all might like it, especially (but not exclusively) those of you who like dragons.

A far-from-complete sampling:

If you want prints or tote bags or T-shirts, you can also order items from Kir's “Whimsical Dreams” pages at Zazzle or CafePress.



Thank you!!

I think my favorites these days are Voina and Coffee, coffee....

Funny to have my own favorites, maybe! So kind of you to post this!

I kept thinking "Well, she said Voina is only a sketch, so maybe I shouldn't link to it" but I kept coming back to it--there's something really appealing about it.

The coffee one reminded me (though it's not the same thing) of my friend Kat's "Coffee People" series, portraits of people in coffee cups; Kat's taken her art offline to focus on writing, so the only one I can find to link to is the one of Mary Anne in a mug of chai.

I think my favorite of yours (of the ones available online) is probably “Big and Small.”

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