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Three female superheroes


I've encountered three new and interesting superhero comics featuring female protagonists in the past two months. I hope to post more about each of these at some point, but here are quick links for now:

1. Strong Female Protagonist is a webcomic about a college student named Alison who has super-strength and is invulnerable, and who used to be a costumed crimefighter, Mega Girl. It's smart and political and has great characters. I recommend it. New page twice a week, Tuesday and Friday.

(Funded by donations and merchandise sales, like many webcomics. Support your favorite webcomics!)

2. My So-Called Secret Identity is a comic about a young Irish woman named Cat who lives in Gloria City, home to several famous superheroes. Cat is, we're told, really smart, and really good at seeing connections between things. Issue 1 was just published online; they immediately met their fundraising goals for issue 2, so they'll start publishing it soon, one page per week.

So far, I'm not loving this one; it's fine, but it's not entirely engaging me. But a lot of people seem to love it, and I've donated and will definitely keep reading.

One meta-thing I find surprising about it is that the reviews they quote on the site have such a glowing tone. I may be reading too much into them, but they read to me like the reviewers think that it's not only the best thing that's ever happened in comics, but also the first and only time that a comic book has done a good job portraying a female protagonist. Which I find especially surprising because Cat is fairly obviously inspired by Barbara Gordon, who for my money is (or at least was during Gail Simone's run on Birds of Prey) one of the most compelling female characters in superhero comics.

3. I've already written some about Captain Marvel, so I won't say more here; just seemed appropriate to mention her in this context, given that she's my current favorite mainstream female superhero.


I'm curious, Jed, are you still reading Strong Female Protagonist? I am enjoying it but it's gotten extremely dark and I know that's often not to your taste.

I'm not only still reading it, I'm still loving it. It's doing political stuff that I don't think I've ever seen in a superhero comic before; really good stuff.

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