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Weekend plan

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For once, I have no social plans at all this weekend. So I'm gonna stay home and try to make some progress on various projects. In particular:

  1. Sleep.
  2. Finish the Jaggery website work.
  3. Write fiction.

I also have various other stuff to do: some overdue day-job stuff, washing a sinkful of plastic containers to prepare them for recycling, dealing with some computer stuff, responding to email, reading various things, watching movies, and all the vast panoply of tasks on my regular to-do list. But I'm gonna try to focus mainly on the above three things. Oh, and I want to try to remember to go outside at some point, to remind myself that sunlight makes me happy.

In service of getting things done, I'm going to try to largely stay off of Facebook, except that I'm going to start off by trying to make my computer more usable by closing a bunch of browser windows. So brace yourselves for the impending flood.

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