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Excellent webcomic: The Secret Knots

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A while back, Jhayne pointed me to a webcomic called The Secret Knots, by Juan Santapau. I just finally got around to reading through the archive, and I wanted to post to recommend the comic.

(There've been a total of about 90 strips so far; you can read through the whole archive in a couple hours.)

Up until this year, it's mostly consisted of one-shot single-page stories, without repeating characters, posted anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months apart. (Though a few of the strips include tiny references-in-passing to past ones.) Recurring topics and themes include relationships, communication (or lack thereof) and language and stories, movies (usually fictional), writers and musicians and other creators (ditto), and a lovely slightly surreal tinge that reminds me of a particular prose author but I can't quite think who. I also like the art, which varies through a range of styles, and the language, which is often nicely poetic, and the tone, which is often a little oblique, sometimes a little nostalgic or elegiac or wistful, sometimes a little spooky.

This year, the comic has been a continuous storyline, which is interesting so far, but so far isn't my favorite of the stories. So here are some strips from past years that I particularly liked, to whet your appetite if you haven't encountered this comic before:

About watching movies in Stryaic (the language of the tiny country of Strye), with subtitles.
Casual Reading
A wordless story about strangers meeting on public transit, and a book.
Leaving the city
I once planned to write a story based on a similar idea about signs, but never got around to it, and this takes a different approach anyway. Also a bit reminiscent of Rachel Kincaid's 2008 SH story “Tell Her.”
Novel's ending
Art, life, metaphor.
We don't mean the same
Words have different effects on different people.
Stories within stories.

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