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I was going to say it's been a difficult week, but then I remembered that there've also been plenty of good parts. Complicated.

Monday at work I heard confirmation about something (that I can't talk about publicly yet, but since I'm being vague, I should make clear that it's nothing to do with the company) that left me really sad and distressed. By Monday night, I was completely exhausted (and still kind of jet-lagged from the weekend trip to Chicago). But I got far too little sleep, and spent all day Tuesday staggering around incoherently, barely able to keep my eyes open, and not feeling entirely well; ended up calling in sick to work, though I got a little bit of work done from home. Caffeine didn't help; I should have tried napping, but didn't think I would be able to sleep. I had some difficult online interactions, made more difficult by my incoherent state.

Tuesday night I finally thought to try my old sleeping-aid standby, NyQuil. Which had its usual miraculous effect. I got somewhere vaguely approximating enough sleep that night, and woke up feeling well-rested.

The weather has been really nice (though a bit hot yesterday). I got Cora the typewriter back (she'd been out on loan to an elementary-school library; the kids apparently loved her). I've been enjoying winding the lovely pocketwatch I got at C2E2 (pix to follow someday if I remember). Today is May 1, which means it's been 22 years since a certain Beltane on the beach. I've been finally following up on some stuff that I've been delaying or putting off or just forgot about or didn't see for a long time. (I may have a lead on getting my bookcases-with-library-ladder built.) I've been making daily progress on the novel. Really, most things in my life are anywhere from pretty good to very good.

But then there's this other kind of devastating thing going on (more so for someone else than for me), and I'm kind of a mess.

So: Complicated.

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