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Long ago, it must be

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Today would have been my father's 75th birthday.

It's also the 34th anniversary of my mother's death.

I wasn't feeling like I had much to say on those topics, but then my brother posted on FB saying that he didn't have any audio or video recordings of Marcy, and I thought, wait, isn't there a tape somewhere? So I went and dug through my box of cassette tapes.

Turns out I have several family-recording cassettes. Don't think I've listened to any of these since 1991 (when I wrote some notes on the labels), so I'm not certain about what's on them; but here are the labels and (when given) dates. I'm gonna try to digitize these when I get a chance. There are at least two of these that contain at least a little of Marcy's voice, and at least one has at least a little of Peter's.

  • Nov and Dec 1972: “Kids” (my brother and me) singing songs and talking.
  • Dec. 1972: “Marcy & kids in Back Yard” and “Christmas presents section 1.”
  • 1977 or maybe 1973: “The Unicorn Song and Chapters 1 and 2 of ‘The Littles Take a Trip’” and “‘Timid Timothy’ and Other Things.” (Label is written in my block printing.)
  • Undated: “Frog & Toad” (in what I think is Marcy's handwriting)—maybe her reading aloud?
  • Undated: “To Marcy from Donna” (an audio letter, I think) + my brother's “news show” + “J, J, M, & P misc.”

I wish we had more and better recordings of both of them, but it's nice that we have these.

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My aunt has been going through her photographs and I'm hoping to get pictures of my father as a kid, and of my grandparents. I have very few of either.

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