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Tesla Model 3 info

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Several interesting and informative Tesla Model 3 links:

  • Specs and prices, including prices for various options, from the official Tesla press kit page.
  • Photos of the production colors in the wild, from Electrek. Note that this isn't an official Tesla source.
  • Motor Trend's first drive review, including a video and a bunch of stills. Spoiler: They loved it.
  • Elektrek's first drive experience writeup; sounds like they only had a short drive, so this is more first-impressions than a full review.
  • If you've made a reservation, you can now get a delivery date estimate. Note that the higher-battery-capacity/higher-range/more-expensive version of the Model 3 is shipping first, so if you want the basic/standard version, you'll have to wait a couple months longer.

1 Comment

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