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Some Monets I liked

In 2012, I saw a Monet exhibit (in Las Vegas, I think), and took some notes on paintings I particularly... (More...)

Hugo pro artists: more than just what's in the packet

In this year's Hugo voter packet, five pro artists provided samples of their work. Unfortunately, one of the six nominated... (More...)

Hugo recommendations

I've been meaning for months to blog about specific works and people I'm going to nominate for the Hugos, and... (More...)

Female sf artists and the Hugo ballot

Jenn just linked to a great piece by Justin Landon about the paucity of female sf artists on award ballots... (More...)

The case of the missing gargoyles

Two months ago, I ordered two Campania garden gargoyles from the local retailer, a place called Bloomster's in San José.... (More...)

Strangers making connections

Jhayne points to a fascinating and odd 3-minute video about a photographer who gets strangers to pose with each other... (More...)

Made with Paper

I've been really liking an iPad sketching app called Paper. It's not a full-fledged Art Application; for example, it doesn't... (More...)

Dalekriders of Pern and other Daleks

I think it was during the Hugo nomination period that I came across some links to the art of Kathleen... (More...)

Fun art (dragons and more)

I've been meaning for years to link to my friend Kir's online art; I have a feeling some of y'all... (More...)

Help out Edward Bryant by bidding on cool stuff!

Acclaimed science fiction and horror writer Ed Bryant has been having some medical and financial issues lately. So some friends... (More...)

Items: Art and images

Closing some browser windows. Links to various pieces of art and image-related stuff: Cute prank/art subway signs: Spoiler Alert, Please... (More...)

More epic win: dragon coffee, Lincoln, Vader, Death Star pumpkin

In my previous entry, I forgot to link to one of my favorite items from Epic Win FTW: an artist... (More...)

Fun and funny photos: Epic Win FTW

Various people have been linking to a newish site, Epic Win FTW, that features all manner of cool and fun... (More...)

Automated art and intent: interpreting Street View photos

Last August, Canadian artist Jon Rafman posted an essay, with photos, called The Nine Eyes of Google Street View. It's... (More...)

Some nifty photos

A few photos I've liked lately: 182 and 1: Rodeo Beach, flowy wisps of fog over rock, very pretty composite... (More...)


Three interesting and really cool art projects from this morning's Facebook, all combining multiple related elements into one work: At... (More...)

Valentine abstraction

Aaron pointed to some art pages by Christoph Niemann, including a nice bit about turning classic artwork into a bathroom-tile... (More...)

Images roundup

Still clearing out browser windows: Happy Birthday, "Earthrise"--this past December 24 was the 40th anniversary of Apollo 8's capturing of... (More...)

Online snowflake makers

Amtrak's snowflake maker is pretty cute--simulating cutting a snowflake out of paper. Needs Flash, I think. What appears to be... (More...)

Falling into the sky: the art of Li Wei

Someone just pointed me to Li Wei, a Chinese artist who creates remarkable photos of himself. They mostly tend to... (More...)

Bay Area events

A few noteworthy upcoming and current things happening in Redwood City and San José: Tonight (Wednesday, March 14), 7:30 p.m.,... (More...)

Slobodkin site

Carol Reid of Albany, New York writes to tell me about Io Sono, her new site honoring the life and... (More...)

Flammarion woodcut

A couple weeks ago, for reasons I can't remember offhand, I was trying to figure out the name of a... (More...)


An assortment of mostly cute photos, mostly of animals: JustALittleGuy, which is sort of like Cute Overload except that the... (More...)

Street fair

Went with Sarah & Simon and Kathleen to the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival today. (On the way there, S&S... (More...)

Items: Art

Some assorted links, under the very broad heading of "art": Google recently bought the company that makes SketchUp, an application... (More...)

Last chance for cute hamster T-shirt

Over at cuteoverload, today (Friday the 31st) is the last day to order the first official T-shirt, featuring a... (More...)

Austrian political "porn" billboards

The Times Online reports that the Austrian government is sponsoring an art project featuring sexually explicit political posters: specifically, there's... (More...)

Items: Artifactual

Some things some people have made: The One Ring, in silly putty. (Seems like it belongs with SarahP's students' plans... (More...)

From the adorable to the sublime

And if those kittens should be too cute, Papa's gonna buy you Ahem. Let me try that again: Rowan pointed... (More...)


And another weekend flies by, just like that. I have lots of things to post, but keep not having time... (More...)

Items: Shifting paradigms

Feeling a little better than yesterday, but still not up to going to work. Yesterday I didn't do nearly enough... (More...)

Flame in motion

I've been remiss in posting about local events worth attending lately. It's almost certainly too late to do any good,... (More...)


Nifty 20MB QuickTime video of Cyberflora at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC—a robotic flower garden that reacts to... (More...)