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Super-cute kitten of the desert

Kam is back from Burning Man (yay!), and she tells me that someone there found a nearly-newborn kitten in the... (More...)

Travel, wedding, dragons

After a short weekend sojourn to LA, I got on the plane to go home. Arrived at Mary Anne's place... (More...)

Items: Art and images

Closing some browser windows. Links to various pieces of art and image-related stuff: Cute prank/art subway signs: Spoiler Alert, Please... (More...)

Do the Funky Alpaca

I'll post at some point about yesterday's adventures. For now, suffice it to say that alpacas really don't look real.... (More...)

Cute baby-animal photos

I wonder which there are more of on the the Internet: cute animal photos or porn photos. Anyway. Kam and... (More...)

Video roundup: animals edition

A bunch of nifty and/or cute animal videos: Encounter with a leopard shark. Yikes! Poor penguins. But still, fascinating. Baby... (More...)

Items: Friday morning linkery

A few cute and/or fun tidbits (mostly visual) from skimming the last couple days' worth of Twitter: Neat videos of... (More...)

To brighten your morning

I don't stop by Cute Overload as often as I used to, so I completely missed this when it was... (More...)

Charming, adorable, cute?

The YouTube Award winners were announced a week or so ago. The winner in their "Adorable" category, "Laughing Baby," was... (More...)

Acrobatic pet videos

Two videos is enough for a themed entry: Susan Z's former pet gerbil couldn't walk in a straight line; it... (More...)

dign 2 china brb

I have a lot to do tonight, but figured I'd do a little websurfing while having a late dinner. David... (More...)


An assortment of mostly cute photos, mostly of animals: JustALittleGuy, which is sort of like Cute Overload except that the... (More...)