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Echo's Children albums: listen free online!

I'm delighted to see that all four Echo's Children albums are now available on Bandcamp, which means that you can... (More...)

Darths & Droids for Best Graphic Story

This is a recommendation to nominate the webcomic Darths & Droids for the Best Graphic Story Hugo award. I wrote... (More...)

Gender options for video game protagonist

First, a bit of background for those who don't know it: There's a popular series of science fiction video games... (More...)

Bioshock and other games

I bought a PlayStation 3 a week or two ago, primarily for its Blu-ray player capabilities but also to play... (More...)

The Correct Number

Started reading Pamela Dean's The Secret Country last night on the way to sleep. My comment so far: Having five... (More...)

Real-person roleplay

I recently saw Natalie Portman live (well, on a screen, but in realtime, from a nearby location). Which gave me... (More...)

Darths and Droids

Back in 2006, a guy named Shamus Young posted a couple of strips of a photonovel-style webcomic with the following... (More...)

RPGs and constraints

Via one of those tangents that happen when you start poking around on the web, I just spent a while... (More...)

Game conclusion

The last episode of my roleplaying game was this afternoon. I had an intermittently rough weekend, and was very late... (More...)

Game update and GMing musings

Third session of my roleplaying game (out of a planned total of four) was on Sunday. It didn't go as... (More...)

Making RPG characters believable

I just happened across something I wrote back in '99 in response to a friend who'd asked, "How [do I]... (More...)

Still here

A couple of people have remarked on my silence of late--I've posted only five journal entries in the past two... (More...)


Not unexpectedly, I only made it to one panel yesterday, and only about 15 minutes of that. It was a... (More...)

Genre levels

Some thoughts on plausibility and genre conventions. (More...)

Saving the future

Imagine you're an 18-year-old computer gamer in Chicago, and you're sitting around at home one evening when someone you don't... (More...)


Back in May, I posted some links to a few entries at Hitherby Dragons. I still haven't gone back to... (More...)

Persistence of memory

Today was, of course, the fourth anniversary of the September 11th attacks; I saw surprisingly little commentary about that... (More...)

Zeppelin backstory

Back when I was writing my zeppelin story, I said that I would talk about its origins at some point.... (More...)

Fabulous encyclopedia quasi-RPG

The coolest thing I've encountered all week: A roleplaying game/collaborative-worldbuilding system called Lexicon, "in honor of its inspiration, Milorad Pavic's... (More...)


Brief things first: you can obtain a couple of replica Buffy daggers at Battle Orders Ltd, should you be so... (More...)


I've been thinking a lot about roleplaying lately, and had an interesting chat about gaming and GM and player styles... (More...)

Ninja, kobolds, and other games

Last night online people kept saying "All Hail King Torg!" So I Googled, and found that they were referring to... (More...)