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More multimedia speculative fiction from Jon Bois

Jon Bois's tour-de-force multimedia science fiction future-of-football extravaganza “17776” is now complete. 25 brief chapters. Well worth reading/viewing, even for... (More...)

Chatroulette Guy does Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey

First there was Call Me Maybe (3-min video). This guy Stephen Kardynal went on Chatroulette (the site where you can... (More...)

Diversity ads

I feel like there's been an amazing spate of pro-diversity advertising in the past week. Some links: A new Cheerios... (More...)

Astonishing balancing performance

I'm going to recommend a video in a minute. But first, some backstory: Kam and I went to see Cirque... (More...)

More remixed trailers

I was having a frustrating evening, dealing with tech stuff. But yesterday, I posted a link to a trailer remixing... (More...)

Strangers making connections

Jhayne points to a fascinating and odd 3-minute video about a photographer who gets strangers to pose with each other... (More...)

Cup game, cup song

I vaguely heard of the cup game years ago, but never tried it before, and I'm not sure I've ever... (More...)

Happiness study, happiness video

There's a lovely 7-minute feel-good video that purports to reproduce a scientific study that, the video says, proves that the... (More...)

Countdown update

A couple weeks ago, I posted about the mysterious countdown that was happening on the Pronunciation Book YouTube channel. Today,... (More...)

Mysterious countdown on YouTube channel

As pointed out on CNET a couple of months ago, a YouTube user called Pronunciation Book has recently switched from... (More...)

Is it fully operational?

I knew about the awesome White House response to the build-a-Death-Star petition, but I hadn't bothered to follow the links... (More...)

Three orchestral flash mobs

The first of these videos I saw was the WDR Radio Orchestra showing up seemingly out of nowhere in the... (More...)

Adults lip-sync kids' stories

Start by giving two or three kids a scenario to play out. Record them for about two minutes. Then create... (More...)

Best. Demo. Ever.

Google's annual developer conference, I/O, is going on this week at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Yesterday morning, the keynote... (More...)

Animals playing the ant-crushing game

In November, someone posted a video of their bearded dragon playing Ant Smasher, an iPhone game in which ants crawl... (More...)

A message from Severus Snape (+bonus trailer)

Naomi just showed me a rather entertaining It Gets Better video featuring Severus Snape. Warning: Contains enormous spoilers for at... (More...)

Items: Art and images

Closing some browser windows. Links to various pieces of art and image-related stuff: Cute prank/art subway signs: Spoiler Alert, Please... (More...)

Obama still funny

Just watched the video of President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Much of the first six and... (More...)

I flip my latkes in the air sometimes

At the latke party tonight, I was wondering why they were playing “Dynamite,” by Taio Cruz, a popular song with... (More...)

Two more videos supporting GLBT teens

First, an It Gets Better video from some gay Orthodox Jewish guys. Heartfelt and compelling. (9 min) (via Shmuel) Second,... (More...)

Links: video roundup

Some videos: Google Demo Slam: a contest among short videos of demos of various tech topics. The demos are fun... (More...)

Tiny Cars of Palo Alto

Many years ago, Arthur E asked me if I had been to Tiny Cars of Palo Alto. I had never... (More...)

Why Alec Baldwin can't marry a man

There's a group called Fight Back New York that's attempting to defeat NY state senators who voted against marriage equality... (More...)

Video roundup

It's that time again: my browser's getting slow from all the videos in open windows. So here's a bunch of... (More...)

Klingon PSA and old Trek animated series

A few years back, I linked to a bunch of Star Trek fan films and series. Just now happened across... (More...)

Items: Video roundup

Assorted videos: Fascinating discussion, with images: Are Anime Characters Caucasian or Japanese? I'm a little dubious about some of the... (More...)

Lego Star Wars trilogy in 2:13

The latest video making the rounds: "The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever told," covering the entire original... (More...)

Most dramatic browser speed tests ever

The Google Chrome developers have come out with a new version of the browser that's faster than ever before. To... (More...)

Today's Google features

As usual this time of year, there are a whole bunch of nifty new features and other changes in various... (More...)

Mean Disney Girls

If you've seen Mean Girls and you like Disney stuff at all, you must go watch this two-minute mini-remake of... (More...)

Hallelujah Choruses

A few days ago, Amy S linked to a video of a fabulous performance: silent monks performing the Hallelujah Chorus.... (More...)

Three videos, with music, that made me laugh this morning

On the Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien has been having William Shatner read Sarah Pain's tweets aloud as if they were... (More...)

Video remixes

I still haven't figured out how best to connect my word blog with this blog. For now, I'll keep linking... (More...)

Great pro-same-sex-marriage speeches from NY

Several of the New York state Senators said really good things about same-sex marriage during the debate the other day.... (More...)

Video roundup: non-animals edition

The Rings of Earth, showing what the view from various places on Earth would be if our planet had Saturn-like... (More...)

Video roundup: animals edition

A bunch of nifty and/or cute animal videos: Encounter with a leopard shark. Yikes! Poor penguins. But still, fascinating. Baby... (More...)

More soldier homecomings

Another news video segment showing soldiers returning home to their kids, this one from Christmas 2007. The narration is kinda... (More...)

Two brief but moving soldier stories

A month ago, my brother posted about his meeting a Samoan soldier returning home to try to help out after... (More...)

Another excellent and moving Maine video

Mainer, Catholic, and Vietnam vet Paul Redicker spoke in favor of marriage equality at the Maine marriage hearings in August.... (More...)

How you can help in Maine and Washington

Tacit Hydra posted a compelling call-to-action the other day, about phone banking to support marriage equality in Maine and domestic... (More...)

Entertaining but very NSFW videos

Unless you have an unusually enlightened workplace, you probably don't want to watch the belowlinked videos at work. You may not even want to read this entry at work. (More...)

Video roundup

Some more unthemed videos for your delectation and amusement: The South Pasadena Unified Grade "A" Jug Band, consisting of students... (More...)

Reporting YouTube videos

Some day it may happen that you come across a YouTube video that violates the service's community guidelines. For example,... (More...)

To brighten your morning

I don't stop by Cute Overload as often as I used to, so I completely missed this when it was... (More...)

Super superconductor demo

At some point during college, Rob S added a catchphrase to our ever-growing collection of catchphrases and slogans: "SUPERCONDUCTORS MAKE... (More...)

Video break

Kitchen is about half-packed; decided to take a quick break; figured I oughtta post these videos so I can close... (More...)

Items: Video roundup

My backup system makes my computer unusably slow if I have too many Safari windows open that contain videos, even... (More...)

More New Hampshire news

Yesterday, Gov. Lynch of New Hampshire stated that he would sign the same-sex marriage bill—but only if the legislature adds... (More...)

Quick video break

Courtesy of Kam: How to get up, eat breakfast, and get ready for work in five minutes, from a Japanese... (More...)

Fun video: BMWoW!

Apparently there are these ads featuring a guy named Vince, showing off products like the ShamWow and the Slap Chop.... (More...)

Monday morning video entertainment

Naomi just pointed me to a fun and charming animated video of the song "The Log Driver's Waltz." Remember, a... (More...)

In which Tom Baker and Lalla Ward cheer me up

I was in a weird mood and exhausted all day today. I cheered up a bit over dinner, but was... (More...)

Newspapers online in 1981

"Imagine, if you will, sitting down to your morning coffee, [and] turning on your home computer to read the day's... (More...)

Video roundup

I've got to clear out my browser windows. I'll start with some videos: Assorted time-lapse clips of the sky (sun,... (More...)

Free Oscar-nominated animated short

The list of Oscar nominees was released a couple days ago. Among the nominees for best animated short film is... (More...)

Items: assorted videos

Some videos with no connecting theme: Drawdio: Turn Almost Anything Into a Theremin. Make electronic music by drawing on a... (More...)

Another rushed note

Been generally stressed and swamped lately, but what else is new? I probably ought to put together a form journal... (More...)

Items: Assorted videos

These have no particular theme--just some videos I've happened across in the past few weeks that have been cluttering up... (More...)

Palin/Couric sketch on SNL

Most of you who care have presumably seen the segment of Katie Couric's interview with Sarah Palin in which Palin... (More...)

Beaker sings "Ode to Joy"

For the past couple years, this guy wzauscher has been posting videos of himself singing various classical works in multiple... (More...)

Tom Lehrer videos!

A whole collection of rare footage of Tom Lehrer on YouTube, apparently with his permission. Thanks, BDan! As I noted... (More...)

Go watch Dr. Horrible!

Kam and I were poking around in the TV section of the iTunes Store this evening looking for something light... (More...)

A Fair(y) Use Tale

Bhadrika pointed me to this lovely video a couple weeks ago, but I forgot to post it: "A Fair(y) Use... (More...)

Uploading high-quality video to YouTube

I've thus far avoided posting much video online, partly 'cause I don't really know how (even though I helped document... (More...)

Song videos

Two fun videos of songs, otherwise unrelated: A very entertaining rendition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," by a collegiate... (More...)

Here Comes Another Bubble

Cute and entertaining music video: "Here Comes Another Bubble" (as in tech bubble), by the a cappella group The Richter... (More...)

Obama speech

Just saw the Obama speech that the press has been talking about, the one from Saturday's Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Des... (More...)

Explosive water tricks

Two videos showing what happens when alkali metals encounter water: Ten tons of sodium, meet frozen lake (1947). Rubidium and... (More...)

Video roundup

The new version of MT Blogroll makes it much easier for me to post items to my "links of interest"... (More...)

Acrobatic pet videos

Two videos is enough for a themed entry: Susan Z's former pet gerbil couldn't walk in a straight line; it... (More...)

Two commercials

I was going to put the first of these in my much-neglected "Links of Interest" section on my journal's main... (More...)

Video roundup

Here's a bunch of videos that have come to my attention lately. Too sleepy to be sure who pointed me... (More...)

Safeword: "Palomino"

Saturday Night Live did a sketch recently showing a message from "Nancy Pelosi" (played by Kristin Wiig), about "San Francisco... (More...)

Video roundup

A few video items: Brokeback!: The Musical, a Nathan Lane number from Letterman. The best bit is the reinterpretation of... (More...)


Nifty 20MB QuickTime video of Cyberflora at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC—a robotic flower garden that reacts to... (More...)