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Another last-minute Hugo scramble

I spent today mostly hanging out with family, which was great. Saw one niece in a production of Lion King... (More...)

Please nominate for the Hugo awards

Nominations are now open for this year's Hugo awards. You can nominate if you are a member of last year's... (More...)

Dragon Award deadline impending

Dragon Con is running an award this year, the Dragon Award. They had a nominations phase that's now over; voting... (More...)

Who gets to pick what's on the Hugo ballot?

I just posted this as a comment on Scalzi's blog entry about the Hugos, and figured I ought to post... (More...)

Belated update on E Pluribus Hugo

Here's a detailed analysis of the effects that the E. Pluribus Hugo proposal would have had on the 2014 and... (More...)

Hugo-nominee gender update

I just followed a link to Kalimac's 2015 LiveJournal post showing author gender for Hugo-nominated fiction. I compared it with... (More...)

Puppies and this year's Hugo ballot

Mike Glyer notes, in a detailed comparison table, that the 64 of the Rabid Puppies' 81 slated items (works or... (More...)

Why I love the Hugos

I've been a fan of the Hugo Awards all my life. I recognize that the awards have problems. For example,... (More...)

Puppies: last year, this year, next year

(I thought about titling this “Puppies: Now and Forever,” which probably would've gotten more clicks, but it wasn't a very... (More...)

Long Worldcon day

Yesterday morning, I attended the second WSFS Business Meeting of the convention. Assorted instances of parliamentary procedure (someone made bingo... (More...)

Please attend today's Business Meeting at Worldcon

If you're at Worldcon and you care about the Hugos, please come to the WSFS Business Meetings; the first one... (More...)

Life updates

And yet again, two weeks have gone by without a post from me here. What've I been up to? Day... (More...)

Who would've been on the Best Editor Hugo ballots?

Jim Hines posted yesterday about the Best Editor categories of the Hugo ballot. A friend asked who might've been on... (More...)

Lack of condemnation doesn't equal approval

I still haven't finished writing any of the real blog posts I want to write about the Hugo situation. For... (More...)

Nominate for next year's Hugos!

Reminder to all of you who voted in this year's Hugos: When the time comes, you can nominate for next... (More...)

Hugos results: Pro Artist

I have many thoughts about the outcome of the Hugos (I'm overall very happy with the results, even though my... (More...)

This year's big Hugo controversy

A couple months ago, someone on a mailing list asked for a summary of this year's Hugo controversy. (There are... (More...)

Hugo voting: Don't forget the lower-profile categories!

Here's the other Hugo-voting-subtleties post that I decided not to post because it didn't seem likely to be relevant. It,... (More...)

Hugo voting subtleties: The No Award test

I wrote a blog post a few months ago about how to use No Award effectively and what else to... (More...)

Downtime at WorldCon

Didn't sleep well or enough last night, mostly due to my pointlessly fretting about Mary Anne's ongoing cough (and about... (More...)

Two Hugo reminders

Two quick notes: Reminder about how to make your vote most effective: to express a preference, you have to put... (More...)

Hugo pro artists: more than just what's in the packet

In this year's Hugo voter packet, five pro artists provided samples of their work. Unfortunately, one of the six nominated... (More...)

Hugo rec: Ancillary Justice

As I've noted before, I rarely read novels in time to nominate them for the Hugo or Nebula awards. But... (More...)

Hugo rec: Six-Gun Snow White

The deadline for Hugo voting is the day after tomorrow, so I'd better finally post a couple of the things... (More...)

Some books aren't in the Hugo voter packet

A couple months ago, I recommended buying a supporting WorldCon membership as a relatively inexpensive way to (a) participate in... (More...)

On first looking into The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time, as most of y'all probably know, has been nominated for a Hugo award, in the Best... (More...)

"Wakulla Springs": sf or not?

A couple of friends have indicated that they're a little hesitant to vote for “Wakulla Springs” for a Hugo, on... (More...)

Hugo voting: to express a preference, put it on the ballot

There's a Livejournal post that's making the rounds, about how to use No Award in your Hugo voting. It gives... (More...)

Hugos 2014: Venues

Another unusual thing about this year's Hugo nominees is where the short fiction was published. As I noted last year,... (More...)

You, too, can vote in the Hugos!

I've seen a bunch of people say in the past couple of days that they're not eligible to vote in... (More...)

Hugo nominees 2014: Gender notes

I want to spend the next couple of days writing and reading nonstop about the 2014 Hugo Award nominees, but... (More...)

Hugo recommendations

I've been meaning for months to blog about specific works and people I'm going to nominate for the Hugos, and... (More...)

Hugo recommendation: When We Wake

I recently read Karen Healey's 2013 YA SF novel When We Wake (which is out in paperback today!), and I... (More...)

Nebula nominees!

SFWA has announced this year's Nebula nominees, and I'm very pleased with them. Congratulations to all the nominees! (And double... (More...)

Female sf artists and the Hugo ballot

Jenn just linked to a great piece by Justin Landon about the paucity of female sf artists on award ballots... (More...)

Orphan Black Hugo rec

Kam and I have just finished watching the first season of the Canadian TV show Orphan Black, and I love... (More...)

Hugos 2013: Short fiction

A couple of very unusual things happened in this year's short fiction nominations. The most troubling thing to me is... (More...)

Hugos 2013: Fiction-author gender

I've updated my Hugo fiction-author gender page with the new nominees. I'm surprised and pleased to see that, for the... (More...)

Hugo nominees 2013

This year's Hugo Award nominees have been announced, and I'm delighted that Strange Horizons is, for the first time, a... (More...)

2012 SH novelettes and short stories

It can be hard for people to figure out which stories at SH were novelettes (>7500 words) and which were... (More...)

Strange Horizons for Best Semiprozine

This entry is partly about SH and partly about the new rules for the Best Semiprozine Hugo category, and the... (More...)

Darths & Droids for Best Graphic Story

This is a recommendation to nominate the webcomic Darths & Droids for the Best Graphic Story Hugo award. I wrote... (More...)

Tempest for Fan Writer

I keep meaning to link to Tempest's post about her current awards eligibility. I'm sorry to say that I haven't... (More...)

Jacob Clifton of TWOP for Fan Writer?

I think it was during a post-WorldCon party last year that people were chatting about who should be nominated for... (More...)

Hugo results!

This year's detailed Hugo voting results are now available. I have a bunch of comments and notes, but am too... (More...)

More on author gender for Hugo-nominated fiction

Have now belatedly updated my page on author gender for Hugo fiction nominees to cover 2012. For the first time... (More...)

Missed the Hugo nominating period

Way back in January, I got email from the Hugo administrators saying that nominations would close on March 31. (It's... (More...)

Nominate for this year's Hugo Awards!

It's Hugo nomination season again, and thus it's time for a reminder about how you, too, can help shape the... (More...)

A few Hugo notes

The winners of the Hugo Awards were announced last night; congratulations to all! I think my favorite thing about the... (More...)

Upcoming events and other stuff

Suddenly it seems like there are many Things going on around here: This weekend in Vallejo: NorCal Pirate Festival. Entertainers,... (More...)

Buy books, get a free Hugo vote!

It's Hugo Award voting season again, and WorldCon (with the permission of the nominees and their publishers) has again provided... (More...)

Hugo ballot, plus more on Hugo-nominated fiction by women

This year's list of Hugo nominees was released in April (congratulations to all nominees!), but I didn't look at it... (More...)

Final day for Nebula nominations!

Just a reminder to SFWA members that today is the last day you can nominate for the Nebula Award. You've... (More...)

Was your first pro fiction publication in 2009 or 2010?

If you're eligible for the Campbell Award, let the administrators know! (More...)

Congratulations, Susan!

The other day, I mentioned that Strange Horizons editor-in-chief Susan Marie Groppi is on this year's World Fantasy Award ballot,... (More...)

SH on World Fantasy Award ballot

Two months ago, the nominees for this year's World Fantasy Award were announced. (For works published in 2009.) Ever since... (More...)

Hugo nominating ties this year

I was looking at this year's Hugo voting report (PDF) just now, and was surprised at the number of nomination... (More...)

More Hugo gender stats

I really wasn't paying attention this year when the Hugo nominees were announced, and so I was completely oblivious to... (More...)

Today: SH reading in Portland, Tachyon party in SF

Two events starting in an hour and a half that I meant to post details about days ago: In Portland,... (More...)

Some notable forthcoming June events

A few things I'm looking forward to over the next couple weeks: Wednesday, June 16: Closing arguments in the Prop... (More...)

Hugo nominees announced

This year's Hugo and Campbell nominees have been announced. Congratulations to Cory, Scalzi, Charlie, Ben, Bear, Mary, Ted, Farah, Cheryl,... (More...)

Hugo deadline imminent

This year, I had it all planned out. My to-do list is full of tasks like "post journal entry linking... (More...)

Hugo and Campbell winners!

It's been entire minutes since the Hugo ceremony ended, and yet none of the usual suspects have full detailed results... (More...)

Liveblogging the Hugos

For those of you not at WorldCon, Cheryl is liveblogging the Hugos. I thought about trying to do that, but... (More...)

Author gender among Hugo nominees and winners

I'm still planning a post about author gender issues in general, but for now I just want to mention one... (More...)

Sturgeon winners!

I was walking to my car just now, in a kind of grumpy mood probably induced by low blood sugar,... (More...)

Hugo nominees!

I've been so focused on being sick that I totally failed to notice that the list of Hugo nominees was... (More...)

Hugo nominating ballots due imminently!

Yikes--I was somehow thinking the Hugo nominating ballot wasn't due 'til the end of March, but in fact it's due... (More...)

Congratulations to Tim!

The Hugo Awards ceremony took place not so many hours ago in Yokohama, Japan, and the results have been posted... (More...)

New sf awards site

Cheryl and Kevin have a new website: Science Fiction Awards Watch. The site has an extensive list of sf awards... (More...)

Hugo deadline tonight!

Reminder to all supporting and attending members of this year's WorldCon: All Hugo ballots must be received by 23:59 Pacific... (More...)

Million Writers Award top-ten list

storySouth magazine's list of top ten online stories of the year has been released; this is part of their Million... (More...)

All 2007 Hugo-nominated short fiction now online

All of this year's Hugo-nominated short fiction is now available for free online; just follow the links from that page.... (More...)

Locus Awards deadline tomorrow!

It's been pointed out to me that there's one reasonably high-profile speculative fiction award ballot that anyone in the world... (More...)

BSFA Awards announced

I spent a while earlier poking around online trying to find out who won the BSFA Awards; eventually I got... (More...)

Week, movies, socializing, books, travel, etc

I never did get around to writing here about the tall ships. I would still like to, but the chances... (More...)

Women on the Hugo ballot

As has been widely noted, on this year's Hugo ballot there's only one work by a woman among the twenty... (More...)

Hugo complaining as a spectator sport

Every year, the Hugo award nominees are announced, and every year we get to have the additional enjoyment of reading... (More...)

Hugo nominating ballot numbers

I really haven't wanted to do much of anything other than write about sf all day today, apparently. It led... (More...)

Hugo ballot released!

So you know how I was all mysterious and stuff the other day? "Mysterious thing I can't talk about yet... (More...)

Hugo nomination deadline imminent

If you want to nominate for the 2007 Hugos (and if you're eligible to do so), better do it soon.... (More...)

Final Nebula ballot!

This year's final Nebula Awards ballot has been released, and I'm very pleased to see that Dora Goss's SH story... (More...)

Campbell Award reminder

The moderators of the website for Campbell-eligible authors are trying to collect info about all authors who are eligible for... (More...)

Items: Cons, awards, Year's Bests, praise, etc

A passel of sf-related news and tidbits (which seems to be all I post about these days--some day I'll have... (More...)

More congratulations

I've been planning to write a life-update entry for days now, but other stuff keeps intervening. Last night, for example,... (More...)

Best Editor Hugo resource

For those who haven't heard, the Hugo award for Best Editor has undergone a change. For quite some time, the... (More...)

Hugo and Campbell winners

More dedicated news providers than I have already posted the Hugo and Campbell winners. For example: Locus, Emerald City. So... (More...)

Women in alternate history

A couple of years ago, I wrote an entry about gender balance among authors of works nominated for the Sidewise... (More...)

Hugo voting deadline impends

The deadline for submitting a Hugo and Campbell Award ballot is Monday, 31 July. As always, I encourage those of... (More...)

Another Year's Best update

Assorted Year's Best TOCs and news and such: Kathryn Cramer has posted the table of contents for Year's Best SF... (More...)

Hugo ballot released

Cheryl is the first person I've seen to publicly post the 2006 Hugo nominees. I saw them in email earlier... (More...)

Check your Strange Horizons Readers' Choice ballots

Two notes about the SH Readers' Choice Awards: The voting period has been extended to this coming Wednesday, March 22.... (More...)

Last day for Carl Brandon awards noms

Today is the last day to nominate for the Carl Brandon Society awards. For anyone who missed earlier mentions, these... (More...)

Last day for Hugo nominations

Remember that tonight (less than twelve hours from now) is the deadline to nominate for the Hugo Awards. If you... (More...)

Campbell eligibility and Strange Horizons

Under the new eligibility rules for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer, Strange Horizons is a qualifying... (More...)

SH 2005 story lengths

It's often hard for readers to tell how long a given story is, and various awards divide stories into categories... (More...)

SF awards and upcoming deadlines

Some news about various speculative fiction awards, including some upcoming deadlines: Hugo nominations are due next Friday night (California time),... (More...)

Assorted sf notes

Some deadlines, to-do items, and con-related notes, and more good news for SH. (More...)

Items: Awards

News and info about various upcoming sf-related awards: The Speculative Literature Foundation's Fountain Award is taking nominees. Editors, please send... (More...)

Hugo season

Just got a Hugo nominating ballot from the 2005 WorldCon, which surprises me because there's no Hugo nominating ballot available... (More...)