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Foggy con

I'm at FOGcon, but boy am I not in con headspace. This morning I woke up a couple hours later... (More...)

Dragon Award deadline impending

Dragon Con is running an award this year, the Dragon Award. They had a nominations phase that's now over; voting... (More...)

The art of repeating the question on panels

We had a discussion last week on Facebook about the importance of con panelists using microphones (publicly visible post), but... (More...)

Moderators: Don't try to guess audience members' genders

A note to convention panel moderators: when you're calling on audience members, please don't attempt to identify them by gender.... (More...)

My Worldcon schedule

At MidAmeriCon, I'll be on four panels (two of which I'm moderating). I also hope to attend most of the... (More...)

Matching donation met!

I meant to post the other day to say that the community stepped forward and met my $2500 matching donation... (More...)

Member Assistance Fund update

With three days left, we're nearly halfway to the matching goal! Many thanks to everyone who's donated. If you haven't... (More...)

Member Assistance Fund: Small donations welcome!

I posted yesterday offering to match donations to the WisCon Member Assistant Fund, to help people attend WisCon when they... (More...)

Let's close the funding gap for the WisCon Member Assistance Fund!

Short version of this post: Please help people attend WisCon by donating to the Member Assistance Fund! I will match... (More...)

Long Worldcon day

Yesterday morning, I attended the second WSFS Business Meeting of the convention. Assorted instances of parliamentary procedure (someone made bingo... (More...)

Please attend today's Business Meeting at Worldcon

If you're at Worldcon and you care about the Hugos, please come to the WSFS Business Meetings; the first one... (More...)

WisCon Friday

Had an odd and kind of off-kilter day yesterday. Did some day-job work in the morning, then a playtesting round... (More...)

Status update and FOGcon

Spent the weekend at FOGcon, as planned. It went fairly well. Friday afternoon, I took a half-day off and headed... (More...)

On skipping WFC

World Fantasy Convention is this weekend in Washington, D.C. I'm not there, but a lot of my friends are, including... (More...)

Con report: WorldCon 2014/LonCon 3, part 1

I already posted about the day before WorldCon, and the first day of the con, but it looks like I... (More...)

Downtime at WorldCon

Didn't sleep well or enough last night, mostly due to my pointlessly fretting about Mary Anne's ongoing cough (and about... (More...)

Preliminary LonCon notes

A few quick preliminary ‪‎LonCon3‬ notes: The line for registration is huge. It may be the longest I've ever seen.... (More...)

My WorldCon schedule

I'll be arriving in London on Wednesday morning; Mary Anne and I will spend the day hanging out and battling... (More...)


I've been having an increasingly hard time with noise levels at sf conventions and restaurants and such lately. (Before I... (More...)

WisCon: general

My WisCon was pretty good overall, but also stressful and tiring. The very difficult situation at work that I mentioned... (More...)

Stop it with the all-white panels on diversity

At WorldCon in Glasgow in 2005, there were two panels about cultural appropriation in writing. In my memory (which may... (More...)

My WisCon panels

Looks like I'll be on two panels at WisCon this year. Both of them are about aspects of gender that... (More...)

Nice moment

Twice during the course of WorldCon weekend, writers came up to me and thanked me for a personalized rejection I... (More...)

Sleep askew

Wednesday night, my first night here in Florida, I got somewhere around four and a half hours of sleep. That... (More...)


I somehow managed to miss the equinox again. In 2011, I didn't post my traditional spring post because sad stuff... (More...)

Stepping down, one step at a time

On July 23, I sent my last SH rejection. On August 1, I read my last SH submission. On August... (More...)


In the car on the way from WisCon to Chicago on Monday, someone pulled out the WisCon pocket guide (which... (More...)

Scattered WisCon notes

WisCon ended only a few hours ago, but it's already something of a blur, so I'm gonna take a few... (More...)


Wow, it’s apparently been two weeks since I posted here. FOGcon was good. It was great to get some time... (More...)

FOGcon in Bay Area this weekend!

I keep forgetting to post about the fact that FOGcon, a new-as-of-last-year Bay Area speculative fiction convention, is this weekend... (More...)

Neuter panel at WisCon?

It occurred to me a while back that I don't remember having seen a panel at WisCon specifically about neuter... (More...)

Interim WorldCon report

I'm on a panel in seven hours, so this is not going to be much of a report. Especially because... (More...)

My WorldCon panel schedule

Here are the panels I'll be on at WorldCon: Sat 10:00-11:00: Web Publishing and the Future of Magazines (A16, RSCC)... (More...)

Upcoming events and other stuff

Suddenly it seems like there are many Things going on around here: This weekend in Vallejo: NorCal Pirate Festival. Entertainers,... (More...)

Impending WisCon!

Sumana just asked me how long I'd been going to WisCon, and I realized I wasn't sure. Checked my old... (More...)

No Potlatch for me

This weekend, small itinerant sf convention Potlatch is going to be in Sunnyvale, less than ten miles from my house.... (More...)

Group note-taking at cons

For years now, I've been thinking it would be cool to have a system for collaborative audience note-taking at sf... (More...)

My 2011 con schedule

It looks like 2011 will be a busy year for conventions for me, mainly because I'll be attending three in... (More...)

Two fandoms separated by a common language

Yesterday, Carrie V made an excellent suggestion: ask if the con suite would be willing to host an SH tea... (More...)


My goal for last night, given jet lag, was to stay up 'til 10 p.m. to start shifting toward local... (More...)

Arrived in Melbourne

Kam drove me to SFO on Tuesday night; got on plane fine. My plan was to stay awake for the... (More...)

Arrived in Chicago

Mary Anne and I drove, with Alex and Lisa, from WisCon to Chicago after the Sign Out this afternoon; we... (More...)


Kam took me to SFO this morning; I got a sandwich to take with me for lunch at Klein's Deli... (More...)

My WisCon schedule

I'll be arriving at WisCon the evening of Thursday the 27th, around 8 p.m. Madison time if the flight's not... (More...)

Fans-of-color convention assistance project auction ends tonight

There's a project called Con or Bust that provides financial aid to "fans of color who want to attend SFF... (More...)

WFC good but odd

As noted previously, I skipped Friday at World Fantasy entirely. Saturday morning, woke up late and groggy. Stumbled around the... (More...)

Tired, maybe sick?

I've been wiped out all week. Last night, stayed at WFC too late; came home happy but with a worn-out... (More...)

Had a good WisCon, home now

I'd love to sit down and write a long entry about WisCon, seeing friends, making new friends, the panels I... (More...)

Best news of yesterday

I am very pleased that Mary Anne and Nnedi Okorafor are going to be next year's WisCon Guests of Honor.... (More...)

Arrival at WisCon

I've arrived at the Madison Concourse; thought about wandering around and saying hello to people and having dinner with folks... (More...)

WisCon imminent

WisCon starts in five days, this coming Friday, the 22nd! (More...)

Check your WisCon hotel reservations!

I just got off the phone from a very weird conversation with the Madison Concourse Hotel. The short version of... (More...)

Last day for WisCon programming signup!

Anyone going to WisCon can sign up to be on panels. But today is the last day to do so.... (More...)

Imminent Bay Area convention: Potlatch

Potlatch will be held in Sunnyvale this year, and it's coming up fast: it starts three weeks from now. For... (More...)

Convention Anti-Harassment Project

The folks over at have started a project to reduce harassment, especially sexual harassment, at conventions: the Con Anti-Harassment... (More...)

Tea/launch party at WorldCon, Saturday 12:30-4 p.m.

On the off chance that anyone here who doesn't already know will see this in the next eight or ten... (More...)

Things to do in Denver when you're Jed

Other than the coughing and sleeping problems, Thursday was fine. I got to the convention center around noon, got my... (More...)


I'm still sick. But yesterday I discovered that if I lean forward, I mostly stop coughing; and various drugs have... (More...)

My first Readercon

People have been telling me for, oh, ten years or so about how great Readercon is, but I've never been... (More...)

WorldCon suite sublet?

Some of us have been talking about putting together an afternoon party at WorldCon, ideally on Friday or Saturday of... (More...)

Satellite image of Wiscon (Florida, that is)

I couldn't figure out why one of my online photo albums seemed to be tagged as having been taken in... (More...)

Some WisCon highs and lows

Some of the very best things about WisCon for me this year: Talking with the totally awesome Karen Healey (who... (More...)

Weekend paradigms/metaphors

On a mailing list recently, someone commented that in a corporate environment, there are two kinds of people: wolves and... (More...)


I'm ridiculously far behind on blogging--there are about six movies and six books that I want to write about, a... (More...)

Last day to submit WisCon programming ideas

Just remembered that the WisCon programming ideas list closes today. If you have any suggestions for programming, submit them! Somehow... (More...)


Somehow I totally missed the fact that Westercon 60 is happening this coming weekend in San Mateo. (Thanks for pointing... (More...)

WisCon photos

I took about 150 photos at WisCon; earlier in the week, I put them up in an unlisted album, then... (More...)

Painless travel

Thanks once again to Heather W for the suggestion to travel to Madison via Minneapolis. Today's flight from MSN to... (More...)


Not gonna write up Saturday or Sunday tonight; suffice it to say that I've mostly had a good time this... (More...)

WisCon Friday

I've only been at the con for, basically, one day, and already I'm exhausted but have had a multitude of... (More...)

WisCon and BitterCon online

For those at WisCon who want to see what everyone else is up to here without having to actually talk... (More...)

WisCon so far

Flights were uneventful and more or less on time. In Minneapolis, we had to switch to a slightly smaller plane... (More...)

Touch at WisCon

I'll be heading off to WisCon tomorrow; looking forward to it. I'm on only one panel this year, and it's... (More...)

Think GalactiCon: small new progressive Chicago con

The con is explicitly modeled after WisCon, though the focus appears to be leftist politics rather than feminism per se, and it has cool guests. (More...)

Week, movies, socializing, books, travel, etc

I never did get around to writing here about the tall ships. I would still like to, but the chances... (More...)

Items: Cons, awards, Year's Bests, praise, etc

A passel of sf-related news and tidbits (which seems to be all I post about these days--some day I'll have... (More...)

WisCon 2007 notes

Hotel rooms for WisCon 31 are going fast; already there are no Governor's Club rooms left. The hotel will sell... (More...)

Safe spaces in/at conventions

I'm working on an entry about some of the issues around bad behavior at science fiction conventions, especially the inappropriately... (More...)

WisCon hotel rooms going fast

Apparently the Governors' Club at the Madison Concourse is already nearly (or completely) sold out for the weekend of next... (More...)

More mini con report

Yesterday: Prep for Ellen K interview. Discover Diane Duane reading cancelled. Sadness! (But at least going to that room helped... (More...)

A few more WorldCon notes

Taking a break between the Escape Pod party and the SFWA party, figured I'd post a couple quick notes on... (More...)

WorldCon and gender

A first-half-day con report, plus some author-gender mini-notes. (More...)

WorldCon and LA

I seem to have neglected to mention that this year's WorldCon--which starts in a few hours--is in Anaheim, California this... (More...)


Some assorted photos, and some thoughts about public posting of photos: Thanks to my Uncle Dobe for providing a really... (More...)

WisCon 31 program planning

I've seen several comments in various people's blogs in the past few days that say things like "I think X... (More...)

"Pushing the Envelope" resource list

At WisCon, as I mentioned a few days ago, I was on a panel titled "Pushing the Envelope," about how... (More...)

Who needs to go home?

I spent most of yesterday playing the traditional post-WisCon game of trying to get home. I would love to have... (More...)

Pushing the envelope

I'm on a panel tomorrow early afternoon called "Pushing the Envelope," about how to get more cutting-edge/groundbreaking stuff about sexuality,... (More...)


Not unexpectedly, I only made it to one panel yesterday, and only about 15 minutes of that. It was a... (More...)

Planes and automobiles

Got next to no sleep Wednesday night--I was up late packing, blogging, and rejecting stories (rejected over 70 stories Wednesday... (More...)

WisCon ho!

I'm getting on a plane to WisCon in about 7 hours. Somehow I'm not as excited about it as I... (More...)

WisCon about to sell out

By which I mean that WisCon is likely to reach their membership limit (1000 members) within the next two weeks,... (More...)

Assorted sf notes

Some deadlines, to-do items, and con-related notes, and more good news for SH. (More...)

Convention programming participation

Tonight I dropped a note to the WorldCon people asking if I could be on their program, and I filled... (More...)

WisCon memories?

Those of you who've ever attended WisCon, consider stopping by the WisCon nostalgia page and submitting responses to some questions... (More...)

Life 'n' stuff

Somehow everything I've thought about posting lately seems simultaneously too trivial to be worth posting about and too big and... (More...)

World Fantasy?

I'm still waffling about whether to go to World Fantasy Con. A week ago, I was absolutely certain I wasn't... (More...)

More WorldCon planning

I'm always disorganized. Having a PDA has made me at least ten times as organized as I used to be,... (More...)

Plane flights to WorldCon

Most important thing here: if you're traveling to WorldCon from North America and you haven't yet bought tickets, best to... (More...)

What's this WorldCon thing like, anyway?

A couple weeks ago, two people in one day hinted that I should try to convince them to come to... (More...)