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Underground's metadiscussion of slavery narratives

I'm watching Underground season 2, episode 1, “Contraband,” and I just got to a scene in which one of the... (More...)

Nichelle Nichols on naming and being cast as Uhura

Nichelle Nichols on naming Uhura and on getting the part (transcribed by me from a making-of segment on the ST:TOS... (More...)

SH Flashback: "Prisoners of Uqbaristan," by Chris Nakashima-Brown

Here's the next Strange Horizons Flashback story: “Prisoners of Uqbaristan,” by Chris Nakashima-Brown A dizzying post-cyberpunk melange of media psyops,... (More...)

Agents of SHIELD political commentary

I've been really enjoying the current storyline in Agents of SHIELD. It's doing a virtual-reality take on a sort of... (More...)

The Mandela Effect and other memories

I find the whole Mandela Effect thing intriguing. (A group of people remembering something that didn't happen.) Here's one I... (More...)

Updates: Knee, sleep, travel, books, etc

A few assorted life updates: My knee injury has continued to heal, but still very slowly. But at least the... (More...)

House rules for playing Slash

At WisCon 2014, Vylar Kaftan introduced a bunch of us to a very entertaining fast-paced casual game called Slash: it's... (More...)

Good weekend

This weekend went surprisingly well in various ways: I completed something like a dozen to-do items that I had been... (More...)

TWOP shutting down

I'm sad to see that Television Without Pity is shutting down on April 4. Looks like they'll be taking their... (More...)

Hugo recommendations

I've been meaning for months to blog about specific works and people I'm going to nominate for the Hugos, and... (More...)

Another Peter Capaldi connection to Dr. Who

I just came across an old blog entry in which I linked to the IMDB entry for a 24-minute 1995... (More...)

"Shore Leave" and the back rub

I've been occasionally rewatching Star Trek: TOS episodes. Tonight, foiled by a stomachache from my original plan of attending various... (More...)

Orphan Black Hugo rec

Kam and I have just finished watching the first season of the Canadian TV show Orphan Black, and I love... (More...)

Day Break

At some point in the past couple years, Karen (and possibly other people) recommended a fairly obscure 2006 TV series... (More...)

Trek fan films with Chekov, Uhura, Tuvok, and Rand

I just found out about Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, a 90-minute Star Trek fan film released in 2008,... (More...)

More remixed trailers

I was having a frustrating evening, dealing with tech stuff. But yesterday, I posted a link to a trailer remixing... (More...)

Assorted updates

A few assorted life updates: Day job I've been at my current day job for nine years as of today.... (More...)

Agents of SHIELD

I quite enjoyed the pilot episode of Agents of SHIELD this week. Here are some thoughts. Spoilers abound, including a... (More...)

Concluding my Gilmore Girls rewatch

Back in 2009, over the course of eight months, I watched all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls for the first... (More...)

Wordless "conversations" and the Bechdel test

There was a link the other day (from a non-public Facebook post) to a blog post about Pacific Rim and... (More...)

Star Trek science

I've seen a couple of people complain about the new Trek movies not being very scientific, which led me to... (More...)

Dalekriders of Pern and other Daleks

I think it was during the Hugo nomination period that I came across some links to the art of Kathleen... (More...)

Seven reasons to watch Nikita

I know I've been going on and on about the TV series Nikita for the past couple years, but it... (More...)

Star Trek + Gilbert & Sullivan

Went yesterday to see the Stanford Savoyards' ST:TNG-themed production of H.M.S. Pinafore. They wore Star Trek costumes, and mapped the... (More...)

Jacob Clifton of TWOP for Fan Writer?

I think it was during a post-WorldCon party last year that people were chatting about who should be nominated for... (More...)

Kirk and the doppelgangers

The first seven broadcast episodes of ST:TOS included one episode with a shapeshifter, two with faux Kirks, one in which... (More...)

Not the scorpion and the frog

I liked this bit from The Good Wife (season 1, ep 14, “Hi”): Cary: I can't help it, you know,... (More...)

TV notes

People recommend shows to me, and I put them on my to-watch list, and then it usually takes me months... (More...)

TV: Big-picture story vs individual episodes

I've tried out nearly a dozen new-to-me TV series recently; I'll post more about them soon, but for now I... (More...)

Cute Gilmore Girls bit

I've been collecting Gilmore Girls quotes as I rewatch the series, and some day I hope to put together (I... (More...)

Cat Kirk

I'm back to occasionally rewatching Gilmore Girls episodes as I enter submissions into the database. (Um, I should note that... (More...)

More Lost

As I've mentioned here before, Kam and I have been watching Lost, which we didn't see when it was airing.... (More...)

Person of Interest and the total surveillance society

Yesterday, I watched the pilot of the new CBS show Person of Interest. It's pretty good in a variety of... (More...)

Assorted updates

Been over a week since I posted anything here, and quite a while before that since I posted a life... (More...)

Finished watching Caprica

Last year, Kam and I watched Caprica up through episode 13, when it stopped being broadcast on Syfy. We always... (More...)

Biggest time-sink ever

I have been meaning for years to link to TV Tropes, a wiki that provides a vast and entertaining and... (More...)

Nauseous female characters on TV

I started noticing recently that the only time female TV characters ever get nauseous (or nauseated, for those of you... (More...)

That was the month that was

I haven't been posting much lately, have I? In particular, it looks like I haven't posted any life updates here... (More...)

Best line from recent Nikita episode

Near the end of the episode, a bad guy figures out he's been outmaneuvered. The following exchange ensues: Bad guy,... (More...)

The problem with TV conspiracies

Nice quote: The problem with all-powerful conspiracies on serialized TV shows is that, inevitably, they have to be defeated by... (More...)

This week's best TV aww moment

On Undercovers, after a dramatic opening and a “Three days earlier” card, we see Steven and Samantha (the protagonists, a... (More...)

Undercovers banter

Here's a bit of entertaining byplay from tonight's episode of Undercovers that had nothing to do with the plot. The... (More...)

More TV

I've watched an unusual-for-me amount of TV lately, especially taking a look at various new shows. The one I've liked... (More...)

TV: Undercovers

I saw a trailer the other day for a new NBC show, Undercovers, that looked like it might be worth... (More...)

TV thoughts

There's very little on TV that I'm interested in at the moment, and what little there is, I think I... (More...)

Klingon PSA and old Trek animated series

A few years back, I linked to a bunch of Star Trek fan films and series. Just now happened across... (More...)

A few quick Dr. Who notes (with spoilers for series 5)

Kam and I finally watched the two-part finale of this latest Dr. Who season, “The Pandorica Opens” and “The Big... (More...)

Re-watching Gilmore Girls

Entering stories into the SH database takes an average of, oh, 30 to 60 seconds per story, but it doesn't... (More...)

Assorted updates

When last we left me, it was a week ago and I had stayed home sick from work. Thursday was... (More...)

Cute NCIS exchange

I'd been told that NCIS was mildly entertaining, and every so often I figure I ought to take a look... (More...)

Some notable forthcoming June events

A few things I'm looking forward to over the next couple weeks: Wednesday, June 16: Closing arguments in the Prop... (More...)

Movies lately

I've been on a sudden movie-watching spree for the past week or two, after several months of averaging about one... (More...)

Enjoying TV

Thoughts on three shows (sans spoilers): Glee The only comment in my notes about the first episode back after the... (More...)

Caprica thoughts

Kam and I have been watching and enjoying Caprica. We watched the pilot months ago, back when it came out... (More...)

Parenthood (pilot)

I stopped by Hulu to watch the latest White Collar episode, and there on the front page was Lauren Graham!... (More...)

Who does whitewashing hurt?

Ellen Oh, a Korean-American writer, is one of many people who've blogged about the shameful whitewashing of the cast of... (More...)

Chromatic comics

A fun LJ meme: casting various traditionally white comic-book characters as actors of color. There's a good starting point at... (More...)

Three videos, with music, that made me laugh this morning

On the Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien has been having William Shatner read Sarah Pain's tweets aloud as if they were... (More...)

Bits and pieces

The past few days have passed in something of a daze. Some assorted notes: Friday was something of an emotional... (More...)

Movies & TV lately

Here's what I've been watching: Watched the first two episodes of Glee 'cause everyone's talking about it; interesting and often... (More...)

Four reasons to watch FlashForward

I've now seen three episodes of FlashForward. So far, I'd say it's an interesting show; not brilliant, but intriguing. (I... (More...)

What I've been up to, October 2009 edition

Just noticed that it's been over a month since I've posted a life update. Not a whole lot going on,... (More...)

Leverage + Dr. Who

One of the things that I like about Leverage is that the hacker, Hardison, is a geek. This is particularly... (More...)

Martha Jones, meet Lee Adama

I just happened across an article from mid-2008 that says that Freema Agyeman and Jamie Bamber are starring in the... (More...)

Monty Python on Jimmy Fallon

Just happened across an article discussing a bit of a Monty Python reunion, apparently related to a new documentary about... (More...)

"We provide ... Leverage."

Karen H has been talking about the TV show Leverage for a while; I finally watched an episode while visiting... (More...)

Cylon jack-o'-lantern

Over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories a few years back, they provided schemata for how to make a Cylon jack-o'-lantern.... (More...)

A farewell to Gilmores, or, seven years in eight months

Back in early February, I finally watched the first few episodes of Gilmore Girls. Most people I tell this to... (More...)

Six episodes left

Have been continuing to watch Gilmore Girls. Still enjoying it. I'm most of the way through the seventh and last... (More...)

Weak, summery

Quick recap of last week: Saturday night: Returned from Acadia to Boston. Sunday: Hung out at Michael & Lisa's. (Thanks... (More...)

My recent movie- and TV-watching

Some mini-reviews of movies and DVDs I've watched lately. (More...)

Gilmore Girls on privilege

I was watching Gilmore Girls while entering subs into the database tonight, and encountered this exchange: Doyle: Man, I hate... (More...)

Best Trekfic EVER: litcrit slash

I wasn't going to post any more tonight, but this is way too good not to share: The idea of... (More...)

Dollhouse (spoilers for episodes 1 and 2)

Back in February, Kam and I watched the first two episodes of Dollhouse. I wrote up my thoughts about them,... (More...)

Sarah Connor Chronicles update

Ever since Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles started airing, I've been meaning to write in some detail about all the... (More...)

Tennant & Davies on leaving Dr. Who

The Times Online last week had a fun interview with David Tennant and Russell T. Davies about leaving Dr. Who.... (More...)

How do you recognize a One True Pairing?

In conventional romance novels, you can always tell who the female main character is supposed to (and going to) end... (More...)

Assorted TV

I'm kinda swamped, and possibly a little sick, and definitely tired, and not really up to coping with much of... (More...)

Gilmore Girls

Various people (especially Susan and Karen, I think) have been telling me for years how great Gilmore Girls is. The... (More...)

Why Tom Zarek Was Right

I really was about to go to bed half an hour ago, but then I saw that Joe R had... (More...)

In which Tom Baker and Lalla Ward cheer me up

I was in a weird mood and exhausted all day today. I cheered up a bit over dinner, but was... (More...)

Video roundup

I've got to clear out my browser windows. I'll start with some videos: Assorted time-lapse clips of the sky (sun,... (More...)

R.I.P., Patrick McGoohan

Patrick McGoohan has died at age 80. When I was in high school, I was a huge fan of The... (More...)

Giving up on Heroes

I had the last two episodes of this latest Heroes storyline on TiVo, but I spent a few weeks waffling... (More...)

Going to Eleven

The Guardian provides info on relatively unknown actor Matt Smith being chosen to play the eleventh Doctor on Dr. Who.... (More...)

R.I.P., Majel Barrett Roddenberry

I'm sorry to see that Majel Barrett Roddenberry died of leukemia this morning, age 76. Memory Alpha's entry says that... (More...)

TV roundup

A few notes on various TV shows I've been watching. No specific spoilers here, but there are some general sort... (More...)

Eleventh Hour (TV)

I've been watching this new TV series, Eleventh Hour, and I have mixed feelings about it. For those who haven't... (More...)

Henry Winkler is everywhere

I hadn't thought about Henry Winkler in years, but in the past two weeks I've seen him or his name... (More...)

Knight Rider returns

In case there's anyone in the set of people who would want to see the new Knight Rider TV series... (More...)

Sarah Connor returns

Season 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles started tonight. I'll be waiting to watch the new episode with Kam,... (More...)

R.I.P., Alexander Courage (+ Trek theme lyrics)

Alexander Courage died last month. For those who don't know, he was a composer and arranger for TV and movies,... (More...)

Complete Python

A while back, I saw that Netflix had the complete 14-disc set of all the Monty Python episodes. I have,... (More...)

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica returns to TV tonight for the start of its final season. (Or at least the start of the... (More...)

Sarah Connor ARG

Been meaning to post more about the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which I've been quite enjoying. (I've... (More...)

All ads, all the time

Recently happened across a TV show (?) called Firebrand--they show nothing but TV commercials, occasionally interspersed with little blurbs for... (More...)

Assorted TV notes

A few thoughts and items re TV stuff: Glad to hear the WGA strike seems likely to end tomorrow. Have... (More...)

Review: Veronica Mars, season 1

Susan and Karen used to talk about how great Veronica Mars was, so a few months back, I borrowed Susan's... (More...)

Review: Torchwood, season 1

Here are some comments on each episode of season 1 of Torchwood. There are all sorts of major spoilers here.... (More...)

Miss Martha Jones

This entry is going to contain spoilers for the entire third season of the new Dr. Who, which Kam and... (More...)

Still here

A couple of people have remarked on my silence of late--I've posted only five journal entries in the past two... (More...)

Dr. Who church service

"[St Paul's Church in Grangetown, Cardiff] is to host a Doctor Who-themed communion service aimed at young people. [The church]... (More...)

Quick updates

Sorry not to post much lately. The memorial on Saturday was good. More on that later, I hope. Sunday I... (More...)

ISO Star Trek: The Good Parts Version

Which Star Trek episodes shouldn't be missed? (More...)

Slash moment

As y'all know, I am rather smitten with Jamie Bamber, who plays Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica. Well, Naomi was... (More...)

Video roundup

A few video items: Brokeback!: The Musical, a Nathan Lane number from Letterman. The best bit is the reinterpretation of... (More...)

BSG season 3 opener

So with the aid of the new devil device, Kam and I watched the two-hour season opener of Battlestar Galactica.... (More...)

Inviting the monster inside

When I was a kid, we didn't have a TV. I think we had a TV when I was very... (More...)

Trek apocrypha, plus fan video

A bunch of links to various kinds of Star Trek fan films, plus info on Phase II. (More...)

Hugo voting deadline impends

The deadline for submitting a Hugo and Campbell Award ballot is Monday, 31 July. As always, I encourage those of... (More...)

Video roundup, part 1

It's been a while since I've posted a collection of videos, and the links keep rolling in. So here's a... (More...)

Google Video for Mac

Google Video Player is now available (free) for Macintosh. Which also means that Mac users can now purchase copy-protected videos... (More...)

BSG, "previously," and the iTunes Music Store

A couple of quick thoughts about BSG that don't involve spoilers (mostly discussion of the iTunes Music Store approach to... (More...)

BSG: Wow

Very big spoilers here for the last three episodes of season 2 of Battlestar Galactica. Non-spoiler summary: I loved them,... (More...)

BSG: I spoke too soon

Some reasonably big and fairly specific spoilers here for the second half of season 2 of Battlestar Galactica. Kam and... (More...)

Redshirts and spear-carriers are people too

This entry contains a couple of generalized and thematic quasi-spoilers for Battlestar Galactica, especially for the first half of season... (More...)

Five-minute summaries

Peter W. pointed to the Five-Minute "Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries" comic. Sort of in the style of the old Fotonovels,... (More...)

R.I.P., Andreas "G'Kar" Katsulas

Andreas Katsulas, who played G'Kar on Babylon 5, has died of lung cancer at age 59. I knew nothing about... (More...)

Superballs video

Sony is selling a new large LCD TV called BRAVIA. I don't particularly care about the TV itself (I'm not... (More...)

R.I.P., John Spencer

Actor John Spencer, who played Leo McGarry on The West Wing, died on Friday of a heart attack, a few... (More...)

Review: Aeon Flux

Watched the new movie of Æon Flux after work this evening. The first third or so was every bit as... (More...)


These items aren't quite coherently connected, but they felt like they made a certain amount of sense together. There's a... (More...)


And another weekend flies by, just like that. I have lots of things to post, but keep not having time... (More...)

A few good things

Some good things that've happened recently: Had lunch with Susan G, whom I hadn't seen in much too long. Had... (More...)

Joss Whedon Q and A

Warning: the big photo at the very top of the article I'm about to point to contains a casting spoiler... (More...)

Dept. of totally charming

I finally managed to hook up my PowerBook's DVD player to my TV. Works nicely. On the Spy Kids DVD... (More...)

Sordid past returns; film at 11

Back in high school, I was a big fan of The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan's surreal 1960s TV series about identity... (More...)