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About ten hours ago, the vernal equinox arrived here in the northern hemisphere. In honor of that, here's my traditional... (More...)


Winter solstice is impending in the northern hemisphere; it'll be about eight hours from now. I'm glad that the days... (More...)

David and Goliath rhymes

I just realized this is one of the things that some of the rhyme-chains in Hamilton reminded me of: ”Now... (More...)

Hamilton cast album!

Back in May, I posted about Hamilton, the new hip-hop Broadway musical about Alexander Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Ever since... (More...)

On first looking into Gary Snyder

Among the books I rescued from my father's house were six books of poems by Gary Snyder. I don't know... (More...)

Optimistic pessimist haiku

A couple months ago, I was riding my bike home from work and I made some kind of minor interacting-with-other-people-in-traffic... (More...)


Winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is due to occur about seven hours from now. I'll be on a plane... (More...)


Thursday I wasn't up to posting my usual cheerful vernal-equinox post, and then I had no time Friday and then... (More...)


Can't sleep—have been sick all week, and although I've been getting gradually better, tonight my neck started hurting to the... (More...)

Fourteen lines for fifteen years

Yesterday was Mary Anne's and my fifteenth anniversary. I've been thinking about relationships, and about Wendell Berry's poem “The Country... (More...)

Darkness into light

Sometimes around this time of year, we need a little hope to carry us through to brighter days. Here are... (More...)

To see our sites as Google sees 'em

In some contexts, it can be very useful to be able to view your site the way that the Googlebot... (More...)

Two bits of Kipling

Years ago, back in the Usenet days, someone used to have as their .signature a verse that I quite liked;... (More...)

Made in the light

That last entry got me poking through some old entries, and in the one about Karen K and Allen's wedding... (More...)

Equinox in socks

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking "The spring equinox is coming up, but I'm sure not feeling very... (More...)

Anniversaries Apart

I wrote the first lines of this two years ago, for our tenth anniversary, disguised as prose; but I stalled... (More...)

Earworm: Somewhere That's Green

The other day the song "Somewhere That's Green" (from Little Shop of Horrors, though I have the movie soundtrack rather... (More...)

Song of Childe Roland Ballads

One of the problems with getting a lot of your history from fantasy novels is that it's easy to conflate... (More...)

One more election note

Remember to go vote today! If you live in an area that's having an election, I mean. If you need... (More...)


Warning: Long stream-of-consciousness entry impending, fresh out of chronological order. Was just poking through j7y's LJ, which among other things... (More...)

Just so you know

I ate the cherries that were in the fridge Sorry they were damn good, though (Forgive me, William Carlos... (More...)