Letters from Marcy #24: 6 July 1967

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Italian Swiss Colony Winery

A brief postcard from wine country. This is just over a year after the last letter (and after Marcy's graduation). It starts this phase of Marcy's story in media res; there's clearly a lot of backstory that we're missing. I'm assuming there were other letters in the interim.

Side note: This must have been right around the time I was conceived, though presumably Marcy didn't yet know she was pregnant.


Printed on postcard:


Conducted tours of the Italian Swiss Colony Winery

Tours start on the patio next to the statue of Bacchus, god of wine in classical mythology. Besides the tour of the historic winery, visitors may enjoy the hospitality of the tasting room. Italian Swiss Colony, established in 1881, is located in the small village of Asti, 85 miles north of San Francisco on the Redwood Highway.

Marcy's handwritten note on the postcard:


On the way back to city, to move up to Mendocino, tasting smooth mellow California burgundy, lovely, warm, beautiful—we borrowed a fine, bouncy truck to move in.

love, Peter & Marcia


Postmark: Asti, Calif, Jul 6, 1967. For once, no notation about when it was received.

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