Letters from Marcy #30: 11 January 1968

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Baby bottle

Another postcard. The art on the front of the was apparently made by gluing on torn bits of construction paper; I'm not clear on whether it was sold that way or whether it was blank and Marcy or someone else added the art. I'm also not clear on what the art represents; if you hold it in portrait orientation, it sort of looks like a lollipop or table-tennis paddle on which is printed a picture of a baby bottle going over a bridge, but maybe the bottle is a white eggplant? I‘m not sure.

Marcy's handwritten note on the postcard:


Hello—all’s well—going thru 3rd-trimester-sleepiness—looks like 1st part of April, maybe. Someone is giving us a papoose, & we just got a lovely teeny blanket & some tiny moccasins. (Wow!) School is wonderful, tho desperately trying to raise funds. What’s happening with you-all? love, P/M


Postmark: Mendocino, CA, Jan 11, 1968. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 1/13/68” and “Ans this 1/14/68.”

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