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The lifeboat scenario

My 9th-grade English teacher, Mr. Emil, gave us a surprise in-class writing assignment one day in 1983. He told us... (More...)

Anxiety and Lexapro

Here's the short version: I've been having a hard time with anxiety for a long time. A previous attempt at... (More...)

Some things nobody knows about me

I was talking on the phone the other day, and it occurred to me that it's possible that nobody knows... (More...)

The Song and the guy named Jed

I have no idea whether the new movie The Song is worth seeing, but I was mildly intrigued by the... (More...)

Seven things about me

There's this thing going around on Facebook, where you post some number of pieces of information about yourself that other... (More...)

My best Halloween costumes

A friend asked on Facebook what were the best Halloween costumes we'd worn. I started to reply there, but this... (More...)

The sharpest knife in the world

(Potentially triggery for assault stuff.) The following was originally in the middle of my previous entry, about my brief visit... (More...)

Sad and tired for no clear reason

This has been a rough week for several of my friends, for a variety of reasons. It's been a rough... (More...)

Why I don't get professional massages

A friend asked me a while back why I was so averse to getting a massage from a professional. Here's... (More...)

Showing vulnerability

I noticed this pattern in myself a few years ago: I'll say something in email, or in a public post,... (More...)

Why I'm always late

I think that at a gut level, there are certain things that I believe don't take any time. Pleasure reading,... (More...)

25 things, belatedly

In early 2009, there was a meme going around: post 25 random things about yourself. I thought about posting a... (More...)

Cat F phone home?

Everyone else can ignore this entry. (Unless you know Donald C's contact info, in which case please ask him to... (More...)

Mental age

I was thinking recently about the fact that I'm nearly 40, which makes it pretty hard to pretend I'm not... (More...)

How to interact with me, part 2 (long)

In my talk with my Uncle Paul back in January, I told him about seeing the counselor last year and... (More...)

Life 'n' stuff

Somehow everything I've thought about posting lately seems simultaneously too trivial to be worth posting about and too big and... (More...)


Warning: Long stream-of-consciousness entry impending, fresh out of chronological order. Was just poking through j7y's LJ, which among other things... (More...)

All about me

In Alias, once a season or so they have an episode that consists almost entirely of recap and flashback, presumably... (More...)