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Thanks to Matt at Things tech support

I've been using the task-list-management app Things since 2009. It's far from perfect, but it's the only to-do-list software that... (More...)

Supporting my local multiplex

I go to one or two movies a month in theatres these days. Most of the time, I go to... (More...)

Bay Area electrician recommendation

A couple of months ago, I finally got around to calling an electrician to deal with about a dozen small... (More...)

Authorized charges

Just saw this in AT&T's Wireless Terms of Service for California customers: You are not liable for charges you did... (More...)

Disneyland questions

A year ago, I saw a video made by Disney, some kind of management-training sort of thing. It had various... (More...)

Nobody here by that name

I've had three answering-machine messages in the past few weeks from Home Decorators Collection. They were calling to ask that... (More...)

Open letter re open doors

Dear Businesses, I am not telepathic. I realize that this puts me at a disadvantage to the general population, most... (More...)

Persistence of Smithsonian

The previous owner of my house is still on the Smithsonian catalog mailing list. As those of you who've been... (More...)

Getting-things-wrong week

The insomnia thing is back. This past year, it's been a big relief that, for the most part, despite all... (More...)

Speaking of good customer service

I'll start with backstory, even though it's not really relevant: The other morning when I came downstairs, I found the... (More...)

Customer service praise: DHL

I ordered the latest version of the Encyclopedia Britannica on DVD sometime last week. They shipped it from Ohio using... (More...)

L'Imperatrice, c'est moi

I'm doing my annual donations (more on that later, no doubt), and just got to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres.... (More...)

Quick life and magazine updates

Fourteen of the twenty book boxes arrived Saturday morning. Presumably the rest will arrive Monday. They're stacked in my garage... (More...)


Sunday I went to my usual haircut place to get a haircut. I think the guy who cut my hair... (More...)